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Wondering which insurance company offers the cheapest car insurance? A good question considering the cost of everything from fuel and food to clothing and electricity has skyrocketed. Seriously, we remember just a few years ago when we thought life was expensive… Little did we know things could cost so much more.

Yes, with inflation on the rise, we can’t just go to the stores and spend like we used to. Struggling with a cost of living crisis, many South African households are performing magic tricks to get their budgets working. Well, maybe not magic tricks, but we find it quite magical when you find bargains on the goods and services you rely on.

The reality is that people are going from store to store in search of discounts and deals to save a few coins here and there.

It may feel like survival is impossible, but we can survive and we will survive! For our part, King Price will continue to do everything we can to help South Africans get the absolute cheapest car insurance available, so they don’t end up in a far worse financial position if they get into an accident without insurance.

Here’s a look at which car insurance is the cheapest and a few ideas to help you tighten the proverbial wallet.

What is the cheapest car insurance

When it comes to paying the lowest insurance premiums, there are a few options. First, you can go online and compare multiple car insurance quotes and decide on the cheapest option.

You can also opt for an overall cheaper policy. In our kingdom, our royal motor liability insurance is the cheapest. This option only covers you for liability for accidental injury to another person or damage to their property.

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It doesn’t cover more than that, which is why it’s affordable.

Our other cheaper policies include:

  • Theft and depreciation car insurance that covers the total loss of your car, e.g. B. if it is written off, stolen or kidnapped and not recovered.
  • Motor vehicle liability, fire and theft insurance that covers theft, kidnapping and liability to other people and their property as a result of an accident.

Car insurance discounts

As we said, more and more people are looking for specials and you’re in luck because King Price offers a few discounts and money-saving tips to help you maintain your coverage.

falling premiums

We do offer cheaper car insurance, but we should still point out our fully comprehensive protection… The more expensive variant covers significantly more risks (including accident damage to your own car), but the price drops monthly. cool, hey?

Get up to 20% discount

Up to 20% off with our ‘multiple car discount’ which is exactly what it sounds like… you get a discount on your premium when you comprehensively insure more cars with the king.

For 1 car you get super cheap insurance, for 2 cars you get up to 10% discount on both cars, for 3 cars you get a nice 15% discount on all 3 cars and from 4 cars you get up to 20% discount on all yours Cars.

Bottom Excess

We give you the opportunity to lower your princely car insurance premiums by charging a higher deductible. It works like a seesaw… Higher deductible = lower monthly premium. Just make sure you choose a deductible that you can afford, as a deductible is a non-negotiable fee that you pay when you make a claim.

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Call us before you cancel

When things get too tight, it’s tempting to cancel coverage. The problem is, accidents and other unfortunate events just happen and then you’re in a far worse position if you have to deal with it out of pocket.

talk to us If it’s getting to be too much for you, give us a call on 0860 50 50 50 and let’s see what we can do. Maybe it’s a small thing to choose a cheaper policy in the short term until things start looking better again.

Remember, our mission is to help you!

And if you don’t have any insurance at all, then you do click here to receive a non-binding offer today.

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