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The risks that professional drivers are exposed to on the road are quite high. We’re talking bad weather, engine breakdowns, hijackings, accidents, theft and even civil unrest… all things that could damage the truck, injure drivers and affect the load.

When it comes to the truck, there is business insurance to help you pick up the parts. But what about the pieces? The freight itself can be quite expensive and needs its own insurance. Think about it… The different types of items being shipped across the country, from groceries to furniture to expensive packages, can cost an arm, a leg, and every other body part on offer.

For this reason, if you happen to be driving around with fully loaded trucks, it’s imperative to protect yourself against the expense if something goes wrong en route.

Here’s what King’s truck cargo insurance covers.

What is truck transport insurance?

You may already be quite familiar with truck cargo insurance, but if you are not, you may know it by its more common name: cargo insurance.

Yes, it’s a boring name, but it does what it says on the tin, insuring goods and property against any number of risks during transit. That way, if the van carrying valuable (and expensive) cargo hits a pothole and spills its contents all over the road, you’re covered.

But what exactly do we mean by overcast, we hear you ask?

This is what our transport insurance covers:

  • All Risks: You are covered for loss of or damage to the goods in transit owned by you or for which you are responsible, whether the cause is an accident or incident (unless the cause is excluded). by KingPrice). We even cover the fire extinguishing costs.
  • Fire, explosion, collision, derailment and overturn only.
  • Fire, explosion, collision, derailment, and theft and kidnapping only.
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Here are some of the common exclusions

We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t make things as clear as possible and mention up front that there are things that Royal Transport Insurance doesn’t cover.

Our exclusion list outlines the types of loss or damage that it is reasonable not to cover. For example, you will not be covered by the king if the goods were not properly secured or covered with tarps during transit. We also do not cover theft if the truck was left unattended or if damage to your goods was caused by vermin, insects, moisture, mold or rust.

These are just a few examples and we invite you to take a closer look at the full list of exclusions here.

Pay a little more, get a lot more

Remember when we mentioned the pothole and scattering of cargo on the road? Well, it’s not just coverage for destroyed goods that this policy is good for. There’s also the insane mess to consider.

Luckily, the King gives you the option to add debris removal cover for a small additional fee. In fact, you can also cover firefighting fees, as well as riots and strikes.

By paying just a little more, you can top up your policy for maximum protection.

How to get shipping insurance from the king

We understand that damage in transit and theft are all too common, whether the goods are in your own engine or being transported by your commercial fleet or by professional carriers.

That’s why it makes sense to fall back on our royal all-round protection with a no-holes policy. And you’re in luck, because with King Price you can easily take out transport insurance.

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