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If you think back to a time when life was simpler, you are not alone. It’s human nature to think about the past through rose-colored glasses, only remembering the good things… Trouble is, since 2020 the world has been going through the ringer. There’s no area of ​​life that hasn’t been touched by the turmoil created by the pandemic, so it’s easy to reflect on how good life was before the pandemic.

But we want to challenge you to do something different. In a Herculean effort (read: Herculean strength), let’s think about the habits and behaviors that weren’t great in the “earlier days,” and how we can do better tomorrow.

To get you started with your own ideas, we’ve rounded up a few pre-pandemic trends that we’d like to ditch quickly.

things instead of experiences

Something we’ve learned from staying at home is that the must-have handbag that you would have sacrificed a month’s groceries for just doesn’t mean much if you only have to carry it to the fridge and back. Also, 2 minute pasta just doesn’t cut 4 days in a row. In week 2, you’re munching weed just to get some greens into your system. It’s time for products and material goods to take a step back as we prioritize experiencing more of life and spending time doing things with our dearest friends and family.

Planning trips, adventures and new hobbies costs money, so money is diverted from your purse to your “life” fund.

Don’t take sick days

We’ll say it again for those back there, but if you’re sick… stay. At home.

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For far too long we’ve tried to fight through a fever or a sore throat, but now we know it’s not worth it. And not only for ourselves, but also for the health of our fellow human beings. It’s actually not fair to anyone to show up sick at work. So invest in yourself and take care of your body when it tells you to slow down, hydrate and soak up some meds.

Health tips from the internet

The internet has been a beacon that has kept us entertained and connected throughout the long, socially distanced months. That said… Not everything on the internet (especially social media) is good for you. What we are specifically talking about here is health advice. There are worrying trends on social media platforms like TikTok that are causing concern for doctors. We urge you to call your doctor with any health and wellness questions, ideas, and issues you may be facing. Please don’t risk your health for something that was put on a catchy tune and communicated in 30 seconds.

Parenting at its lowest point

There was a time, not long ago (the pre-pandemic was about 2 years ago), when parents left work early to pick up kids, take them to appointments, or attend school events. While we’re not yet attending events, we’ve found that working parents have had to keep their parenting rock bottom. But it became apparent when we started working from home and attending Zoom meetings while our toddlers cried out for more Peppa Pig. Or food. Or someone who wipes their butt.

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Well folks, gone are the days when it was a secret that you were raising tiny people. Let’s take pride in raising our children and being involved in their lives. We’ll probably find that we’ll be better parents and better at our jobs once the stress of hiding it is gone.

form over function

During the pandemic, there was this unwritten fashion rule that said you had to wear sweatpants, leggings, and other miscellaneous comfortable clothing items (more like that). And it was great. So we think it’s time to say goodbye to uncomfortable and impractical fashion trends forever. That means saying a hearty “no thanks” to tight pants, itchy blouses and toe-gnashing shoes.

We’re not suggesting that you give up all professionalism and wear your favorite fleeces to the office… But why not invest in cotton clothing, lightweight fabrics, maxi dresses and shoes that won’t punish your feet for crimes you have yet to commit? ?

Paying too much for car insurance

Many people have considered canceling their insurance policies altogether during this difficult time, but that might actually bite your glutes as we discussed the dangers of canceling your car insurance in this post. It’s worth reading if you find yourself in the situation where you might want to cancel your policy to save money.

Before you do that we think you should talk to us because our car insurance is super cheap and weirdly simple. It’s odd in that your royal car insurance premiums are going down every month. It’s simple, because cars always go down in value, literally from the day you walk out of the dealership to the day it clocks up its last mile. So we believe it’s only fair to pay less for insurance every month!

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What do you think of our list? Which pre-pandemic trends will you leave behind in favor of a happier, healthier life?

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