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It’s easy to think that motorcycle insurance works pretty much the same as car insurance. Basically, there are some similarities.

You pay a monthly fee, more commonly referred to as a premium, in exchange for insurance coverage. If there’s an incident that you can claim under your policy, we’ll pay for the repair or replacement. Oh, and the claims process is essentially the same, with our claims teams taking excellent care of you every step of the way.

However, there are some important differences to note, which we can highlight here for you.

Here are the main differences between motorcycle insurance and car insurance.

The choice is limited

When it comes to car insurance, you usually have a choice between the more expensive Collision Damage Waiver, the cheaper Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance, and the cheapest and most basic level of coverage…Third Party Only.

With motorcycle insurance, on the other hand, there is usually only 1 level of coverage on the market and that is fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance.

Here we did it a little differently. We offer Collision Damage Waiver, Third Party & Theft, Third Party Only and Theft Only motorcycle insurance. Hey, some coverage is better than none, so theft is only a consideration if you’re short on cash.

racing on the track

Whilst it can be difficult to speak on behalf of all insurance companies in South Africa we can say that in general this policy will not cover you for every form of racing. We definitely don’t. So if you want to get that Fast and the Furious feeling, you must enjoy the paid privileges of go-karting.

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However… The King’s motorcycle insurance will cover you for track days as long as we have pre-approved it.

Motorcycle insurance is more expensive

There is no doubt that cyclists are more vulnerable than other motorists. Even a small bump can result in nasty injuries and damage to your bike. To reflect the significantly higher risk associated with motorcycles, these premiums are likely to be more expensive than car insurance.

This can come as a bit of a shock as most motorcycles cost a lot less than cars so you would think the premiums would always be cheaper.

The extras are not always the same

See, there’s some overlap when it comes to the kinds of extras you can add to your car insurance and motorcycle insurance. For example, many insurers allow you to add scratch and dent insurance to both.

But there are also some extras that are more motorcycle-specific.

The prime example in our royal range of products and benefits is covering your motorcycle gear. By subscribing to our comprehensive motorcycle insurance, you can cover your motorcycle equipment for only R1 per month.

No really, it’s pure and simple R1.

This is how you get simple cheap motorcycle insurance

There’s one big thing about car insurance that’s the same as motorcycle insurance, and when you come to King Price you can get simple, affordable coverage that has your back.

Our motorcycle insurance even includes coverage for medical expenses in connection with an accident involving your insured motorcycle. This is important to us.

You can see how it works for yourself by going click here to receive a non-binding offer today.

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