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Consider this your friendly reminder that summer isn’t just about having fun in the sun. It is also the season of hectic rains. (Trust us, we put on our weather goggles and checked it out.) So now we can say with scientific certainty that South Africa’s annual precipitation is 469.9mm, with the highest precipitation falling from November to March.

Slap bang during the hot holiday season.

We like a bit of rain to cool things down and wash away the dust. Sometimes that’s a welcome relief. But the heavy rains that wreak havoc, causing loss of life and widespread damage to property and infrastructure, are unwelcome. Not at all.

We can’t do much against the downpours, but with our Princely House and car insurance, we are there for you to protect you against the financial consequences of the damage that has occurred.

We can also give you our top tips to prevent the floods from damaging your property and endangering your life.

Protect your home from flooding

Our first tip is to make sure you have King’s Royal Home Insurance so that we can have your back if you do.

We have 2 options for you, namely comprehensive home contents insurance and our cheaper fire and rage insurance. Curious about our fire and rage option? Simply put, this protects your home against all the usual risks, including storm damage, flooding and fire. But no theft or attempted theft.

Okay, back to protecting your home.

Steps to follow before the rain starts:

  • Gutters: Remove debris to prevent overflow as this could result in water retention and potential internal water damage.
  • The Roof: Watch out for loose roof tiles and perform maintenance immediately.
  • The Shrubs: Trim to prevent branches or debris from damaging your home during a storm.
  • Outdoor Sundries: Remove patio furniture, electronics, and valuables from the danger area and off the ground.
  • Perforated Pipes: If you have a large, flat garden, consider installing a 110mm perforated pipe that sits in a bed of gravel and is buried 350-450mm below the worst areas. This allows for easier absorption and less of your own swamp.
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Protect yourself during the floods on the streets

King’s car insurance is here for you come rain or shine, but what you need to do is make sure you have the right coverage. To ensure that the damage to your own car is covered, you should opt for the king’s super-affordable fully comprehensive car insurance.

Let’s get back to safety tips.

Tips for your safety on the road:

  • Flood Alerts: Check local traffic alerts for signs of where heavy rain is likely so you can plan your routes and avoid these areas.
  • Slow Down: No matter how hard the rain falls, slow down and slow down, leaving larger gaps between your car and the next.
  • Avoid braking: Sudden braking can cause your car to skid or slide into the water. So stay alert to avoid anything worthy of braking sneaking up on you, and avoid pushing hard on the pavement when you need to brake.
  • Lights on: Make sure your headlights are on. Oddly enough, some people forget to do this.
  • Be vigilant: We think that if you keep an eye on road conditions and the cars around you, you’re half the battle.

Serious. King’s insurance is not only super cheap, it’s also expertly put together so we can be there for you.

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