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Much like the rest of the world, South Africans are no strangers to the thrill of donning their ‘tekkies’ and heading out to get fit as part of their New Year’s resolutions. And yes, it’s pure torture to be out there at the best of times (can you say we prefer a little Pilates to a sweat on the track or the tar?), but we’ll certainly earn extra points for starting our fitness journey during the hottest time of our year… right?

We should literally get extra points for that alone. Points that most of us now track on our phones and smartwatches. After all, it’s pretty hard to manage what you’re not measuring, so it makes sense that we would download apps and strap wearable technology to our bodies.

However, this means that we could make ourselves more vulnerable to the bad guys who target and ambush joggers.

So, in addition to the instructions on putting on your sunscreen, fueling your body and staying hydrated, we also have a few safety tips for our fellow joggers.

This is how you stay safe while running

  • There’s safety in numbers, so consider joining a running club.
  • If you’re a loner, make sure you know your route well and only explore a new route with other joggers. Please.
  • Another lone wolf tip is to identify homes along your route that have intercoms that you could use to call for help in an emergency.
  • Don’t turn your music up too loud as it could affect your ability to pay attention to what’s going on around you.
  • Invest in a mobile panic button, app or service like King Code Red so you can easily share your location with emergency services if you feel threatened or unsafe.
  • Add another layer of security by smiling or at least waving at the local security cars so you’re on their radar.
  • Get some training, invest in self defense classes so you can protect yourself.
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The king has your back (and your technique)

It’s also a good idea to limit the technique you take with you, but the reality is that this can’t always be avoided. For example, you can’t take your smartwatch with you when trying to measure your progress. Also, there may be days when you forget to take off certain items like your jewelry.

We therefore advise you to take out the King’s liability insurance for such valuables.

Wherever you are, we are there too

Essentially, King’s coverage pays for the repair or replacement of possessions like your smartwatch, phone, running shoes, and jewelry if they are stolen or damaged while they’re somewhere other than your home. Like when you’re out there playing around like a rabbit. In fact, it works anywhere in the world.

If something bad happens to them, don’t worry! When you have your personal portable belongings insured with the King, you are covered.

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