Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada – Guide

If you are a student and have studied in Canada, you will want to stay in this country after you graduate. Canada attracts many international students each year due to its reputation as a global leader in education and research. A post-graduation work permit in Canada is designed for internationally trained professionals who wish to remain in the country after graduating from a Canadian post-secondary institution. This program allows students who have completed an eligible study program to apply for an open work permit that can be used immediately after graduation until the expiration date specified in the study permit. A post-graduate work permit holder can apply for all types of jobs in Canada (such as doctors) including professional jobs that require licensing or certification under provincial or territorial legislation.

Eligibility criteria for Work permit after graduation in Canada

  1. To apply Work permit after studying in CanadaYou Must Have –
  • Valid study permit
  • Proof that you have completed full-time study at an eligible institution in Canada (such as a copy of your diploma or official transcript) or proof of course completion (such as a letter from the school stating the date you must complete the program).
  1. Graduated from Designated Educational Institution (DLI).
  • You must have graduated from the designated educational institution.
  • A list of designated educational institutions can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.
  1. In most cases, he studied full-time
  • You must be a full-time student in each academic session to obtain a post-graduation work permit in Canada.
  • Full-time status is defined as taking six or more credits per term
  • Doctoral students must complete nine or more credits per semester to be considered full-time
  • PhD programs require at least six credit courses per semester to be completed within two years of the student’s arrival in Canada.
  • If you are unable to enroll in classes on campus for medical reasons or because your program is offered only on campus, you can maintain your full-time student status by taking courses online.
  • You can also maintain your full-time student status by working part-time while enrolled as long as it does not interfere with your studies.
  • If you take a leave of absence from your studies for more than 180 days, you will lose your full-time student status and will not be able to apply for a post-leave work permit in Canada. the end of this period
  • It doesn’t matter if you apply for an extension through your school or not. You can start working only after completing the required number of credits
  • If you have enough time to complete all program requirements, you can return home if necessary, but continue your studies here as long as you meet all the other requirements listed above!
  1. Work permit after graduation in Canada Expiry date
  • If your study program is less than 8 months, you will not be eligible for the PGWP
  • You will receive a work permit for a period equal to the length of your course, provided it is less than two years but more than eight months.
  • A three-year work visa will only be granted if your course is two years or longer
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PGWP Application Requirements

  • Before you can apply for a post-graduation work permit in Canada, you must have completed and passed your study program.
  • After studying in Canada, you must obtain written confirmation from the educational institution that your degree, diploma or certificate qualifies for a work permit.
  • You must apply for your post-graduation work permit within 180 days of receiving written confirmation (such as a transcript or official letter) from your school that you meet the requirements to complete your academic program.
  • At the time of application, you must provide proof that you have paid all applicable tuition fees; you have paid all applicable student fees; and you are in good standing with the institution (eg no outstanding debts)

PGWP Application Information

According to the official website of the Canadian government, following are the application details for post-graduation work permit in Canada.

  • It costs CAD 255 (the basic fee is CAD 155 and the “Open Work Permit Holder” fee is CAD 100)
  • To restore your student status and post-study work permit in Canada, you must pay CAD 605.
  • Online processing of applications takes 163 days
  • Paper-based applications take 146 days to process

The result

If you have met all the requirements and your post-graduation work permit in Canada has been approved, you will be granted a work permit for up to three years. You can use this time to develop your skills and experience in Canada or apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry system. Students can only obtain one post-study work visa in Canada per lifetime.

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