OPENING SOON! Echoing Green Fellowship 2024, USA


Applications for the 2023 Scholarship Program are open: 24 January – 7 February 2023

Through our full-time Fellowship, we find people working on a plan to improve the world in a big way. Then we help them become effective leaders by connecting them with the tools, resources and communities they need to bring their ideas to life.



  • Custom Frame
    A comprehensive program to build and develop leadership skills and develop the strategies needed to develop ideas.
  • Health Support
    Ongoing support focused on mental and emotional well-being, as well as self-care workshops specifically designed for the entrepreneurial struggle.


  • Leader Support
    The Portfolio team facilitates the Fellow experience and connects these leaders with experts and opportunities tailored to their needs.
  • Seed funding
    Stipend over 18 months ($80,000). Funding offered to commercial organizations is in the form of renewable grants.


  • Retreats and Networking Events
    Gatherings to connect fellows with classes and groups, as well as experienced business leaders, institutions and investors committed to solving global challenges.
  • Expert Partners
    A suite of pro-bono support from leading experts to help build organizational capacity and help navigate social entrepreneurship.


Echoing Green supports courageous leaders around the world who see opportunity in the face of today’s most existential challenges. Together, we seek to build a world that does not yet exist: a future free from racism and its far-reaching consequences, where all people can thrive.

These Fellowships are for people who are at an early stage and are experts in the problem they choose to tackle. We seek leaders who reflect the community they serve and bring to their work a deep knowledge of the issues while developing solutions with and for their communities.

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Join us for a virtual information session on January 17, 2023 to learn more about the Echoing Green Fellowship program and the application process.


Everything you need to know about the rules and tips for applying for the Echoing Green Fellowship.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility of Applicant

  • Will you be 18 or older when you start retirement?
    • Echoing Green Fellowship applicants must be 18 years of age or older by August 8, 2022.
  • Can you communicate perfectly in English?
    • To be eligible for the scholarship and to fully participate in the programming and support offerings, you must be able to communicate fluently in English. Support throughout the Echoing Green Fellowship is offered in English.
  • Are you an original founder or lead member of the original founding team of your proposed organization?
    • We use the term “original founder” to describe people who founded or founded an organization with an original idea. Once established, you cannot hold a leadership position in the organization. To be eligible, you must be a leader with decision-making authority within the organization, or 1) the sole founder or 2) the lead founder of a group of people forming the organization.
  • Are you the key decision maker for your organization?
    • To be eligible for the Echoing Green Fellowship, applicants must be a key decision maker and have ultimate authority over the growth and strategic vision of your organization.
  • Will you be able to work full-time at your proposed organization during the 18-month Fellowship period?
    • If you are selected for an Echoing Green Fellowship, you may have other professional responsibilities, but you must work on the work outlined in your Fellowship application full-time, defined here as 40 hours per week, and this must remain your main professional priority.
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Compliance of the organization

  • Does your proposed organization have a parent organization?
    • Organizations that are independent but have financial sponsors are eligible for the Echoing Green Fellowship as long as the financial sponsor has no authority over the organization’s work and decision-making.
  • Does your proposed organization operate independently and autonomously from your parent organization?
    • To be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, you must be able to make and act on organizational decisions of your own choosing. You may not be eligible if other organizations or institutions manage or retain decision-making authority for your proposed organization. Organizations that are independent but have financial sponsors may be eligible as long as the financial sponsor does not have authority over the organization’s operations and decision-making.
  • In your personal assessment, would you describe your organization or idea as being “early-stage” in development and in need of financial and non-financial resources to sustain?
    • Echoing Green is seeking applicants who need funding to start or expand their organization. We generally describe early-stage organizations or ideas as those that 1) have operated with full-time staff for less than five years, or 2) still need resources to develop and sustain their operations. *Organizations that already have all of the following may not qualify as a sufficient initial stage for the *Echoing Green Fellowship: a well-defined program model; initial strategic plan; basic organizational infrastructure (bank account, payroll, job descriptions, etc.); personnel plan; initial funding sources; and a board of directors that meets regularly to manage organizational governance. If you have not yet completed all of these elements, you are still in the early stages and can apply for the Echoing Green Fellowship.
  • Does your organization use lobbying to further its mission or goals?
    • According to the US Internal Revenue Service, Echoing Green cannot distribute funds to organizations whose primary purpose is lobbying. Lobbying is defined as activities that seek to support specific political candidates, specific political parties, or call for action on specific legislative acts. Issue area advocacy, defined as an attempt to provoke political action using methods such as citizen education and public campaigns, is not considered lobbying. For more information, refer to the IRS definition here:
  • Does your organization promote or recruit for a particular religious belief?
    • To be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, an organization cannot engage in recruitment, promotion or conversion to a particular religious faith in the region of your choice. You may be eligible if your organization has a spiritual element to its work or works with existing faith communities, but does not promote or recruit on behalf of that faith.
  • Have you or any member of the organization’s founding or leadership team previously received an Echoing Green Fellowship?
    • For you and your organization to be eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, no founding team members and no people in leadership positions can be Echoing Green Fellows.
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