Meet Eugenia Mello, Artist in Residence for Life Happens

Life Happens: How did you start as an artist?

Eugenia Mello: I studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires and I really liked graphic design, but I felt like I was missing something. So I dabbled in illustration as well, and I realized I liked what I had been missing about illustration: Express something. Finally, I applied for my master’s degree in illustration.

LH: How would you describe your artistic voice in your own words?

Eugenie: I started finding an extreme end of a string, a subject, and I started pulling that string. In the beginning I started drawing dancers and I didn’t really know what it meant. I was told to draw what I knew and that’s what came out of it.

I started studying dance, I went to a lot of dance shows and I started to feel that there is actually a really nice parallel between drawing and choreography. Without words, they could express emotions very clearly, and that really impressed me. I started figuring out how I wanted to speak and discovered how I sounded.

The biggest issue was movement. What is my filter that I see things through? I look at things through movement. Movement is a way of saying “alive”. movement is life What I liked about the choice for this particular project was that it was a different way of expressing this idea of ​​movement. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be more complicated. This character is in motion – then he lives.

LH: How did you come up with the final artwork for this project? How was the process?

Eugenie: You know it’s not a niche you’re thinking of –life insurance– when you think of potential customers. But speaking to Life Happens, I really liked this idea that it’s actually a celebration of life. That’s what my work is all about. There is an intrinsic optimistic energy that I wanted to translate.

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LH: What did you want to convey with your illustrations for Life Happens?

Eugenie: I wanted to create characters that aren’t exclusive. That’s part of the responsibility of taking pictures: you create worlds. It’s about a group of families living together; they enjoy a normal day. The color yellow is joy for me, it is the color of the sun. When I look at it, it feels like a day you don’t want to end… those summer days that are just perfect and you think, “I wish this day lasted a very long time.”

LH: What did you learn about life insurance? Have your views on life insurance changed since working on the project?

Eugenie: Life insurance is like a net that holds these families together. And you can count on that. I tried to express that with this picture. Growing up I think I only heard about life insurance in movies. I’ve never thought about it too much, but I think it’s because you’re fair when you’re young life. As you get older, you can focus on how much life means to you. As the stakes get higher and your network of people grows… that’s when life insurance really starts to make sense.

You can follow Eugenia on Instagram at @eumiel. To order the Eugenia artwork shown above as a print for your home or office, click here. You can choose your own dimensions and the print will be shipped straight to your address.

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