JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023 – ASEAN Scholarships

Application Deadline: January 12, 2023

JSPS International Scholarships for Research in Japan
Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Japan (Standard)
Application through Overseas Nominating Bodies


To provide excellent postdoctoral researchers from other countries with opportunities to conduct collaborative research with leading research groups at universities and other Japanese institutions under the guidance of their hosts. The program allows such researchers to develop their own research while contributing to the progress of research in Japan and similar countries.


This program includes all fields of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.


From 12 months to 24 months
This scholarship is provided in full monthly units.

Note 1: The scholarship period covers the period from the date of arrival of the foreign scholar (invited foreign researcher) at the airport in Japan, that is, from the date of commencement of the scholarship, to the day of the student’s departure from the airport in Japan. , the day this scholarship ends. (It’s not
apply to retirees living in Japan before or after the scholarship period.)

Note 2: The scholarship period cannot be divided into more than one stay.


Fellows must begin the Fellowship program in Japan between April 1, 2023 and November 30, 2023.

Candidate (Invited Foreign Researcher) ELIGIBILITY

Those who meet the following two conditions can apply.
(1) Be a citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. (JSPS treats Taiwanese and Palestinian researchers this way.)
(2) Received a doctoral degree within six years (on or after April 2, 2017) of the effective date of the scholarship.
Note 1: Have previously received an award and fellowship under the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Japan ([Standard (P)] and [Pathway to University positions in Japan (PU)]) does not fit.
Note 2: Japanese citizens and foreigners with permanent residence in Japan are not eligible.
Note 3: Researchers who have completed their PhD within six years, excluding time taken for maternity and/or maternity leave. (Each four weeks of graduation is counted as one month, and the remaining weeks are also counted as one month. These months are deducted from the number of years that have passed since the scientific worker received the PhD degree.) In this case, separate submission of documents is required. . Please consult JSPS in advance through the appointing authority.
Note 4: If a candidate is found to be ineligible even after selection, his selection should be canceled or eligibility terminated during the scholarship period. In such cases, the candidate is required to refund the benefits already paid to JSPS.

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Host researchers must fulfill the following two conditions at the time of application, at the time of selection and during the scholarship period.
(1) Be affiliated with a research institution specified in Article 2 of the Regulation on the Management of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) () and be eligible to apply for KAKENHI grant assistance. 2 (2) Become a full-time researcher. However, part-time researchers are able to do the same as full-time researchers if the host institutions provide an appropriate research environment (e.g., laboratory, space, facilities, and personnel). ()Eligible host organizations identified under the above MEXT Procedure are:
1) Universities and interuniversity research institutes
2) MEXT-affiliated institutions engaged in research
3) Colleges of Technology
4) Institutions appointed by the Minister of MEXT
A fellow’s host researcher cannot be changed during the fellowship period. Therefore, if known
time of application that the host researcher reaches retirement age or retires for some other reason,
During the duration of the candidate’s fellowship, he/she must not be a host researcher.


The amounts of the prizes are as follows. They are subject to change for budgetary reasons.
(1) Air ticket: Round trip air ticket (as per JSPS rules)
(2) Maintenance Allowance: ¥362,000 per month
(3) Miscellaneous: ¥200,000 settlement allowance, overseas travel insurance.

Note 1: No “accommodation allowance” will be paid for a candidate who resides (and has a postal address) in Japan before the start date of the scholarship, and only the return flight ticket will be paid.
Note 2: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS Research Grant-in-Aid)
covers costs related to cooperative research. The application for this grant is made by the home owner
researcher through his enterprise. See application guidelines for details
Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Researchers.

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Applications for this program must be submitted to JSPS through an overseas nominating authority. The application process is as follows:
(1) Contact is made between candidates who wish to do joint research in Japan and their potential hosts.
(2) Candidates submit an application to the nominating body.
(3) Conducts scientific evaluation for selection of candidates and submits them to JSPS.
(4) Approximately three months after nomination, JSPS sends a notification of selection decision to both candidates and nominating bodies.
Note 1: JSPS does not find or provide host researchers or institutions.
Note 2: Application deadlines and selection procedures vary by each nominating authority.
Note 3: Adequate time should be allowed for the application to be processed when setting the start date of the scholarships: for example, the screening of applications by the nominating authority (time varies by authority) and the selection decision by JSPS (approximately three months).
Note 4: In addition to accepting applications through overseas nominating bodies, JSPS also accepts applications for candidates from potential host researchers in Japan (open recruitment).
Note 5: Multiple applications for the same program through overseas nominating bodies are not permitted in the same financial year.


(1) FY2023 Application Form for JSPS International Fellowship Program for Research in Japan, Postdoctoral
Scholarships for Research in Japan (Standard), for application through the Overseas Nomination Authorities.
The application form must be filled by the candidate.
(2) An acceptance/invitation letter from the candidate’s prospective host researcher in Japan stating that they have accepted the candidate at their institution for the duration of the fellowship.
The letter must be signed by the landlord himself. It is preferable to write the letter in form No. 3.
(3) Letter of recommendation signed by the candidate’s doctorate supervisor (p. It is preferable to write the letter on letterhead.
(4) a copy of the candidate’s Ph.D. degree diploma or Ph.D. degree certificate. If the diploma has not yet been awarded, a letter is required from the candidate’s institution indicating the date on which the degree will be officially awarded. In this case, the candidate must submit a copy of the PhD degree certificate or PhD diploma to JSPS immediately before starting the fellowship program. The diploma or certificate must be signed with an official seal or certified with a seal.
Note 1: All documents must be in English or Japanese. If the original document is in another language, please be sure to include an English translation (this does not need to be an official translation and can be done by the host or candidate).
Note 2: Under the JSPS programme, the date of award of the degree is the date of award of the degree by the awarding university. It is not the date that fellows defend their dissertations (viva voce) orally because they have completed their doctoral course.

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An award letter from the JSPS president and accompanying documents will be sent to successful applicants

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