John & Pat Hume Doctoral Awards 2023-24, University of Maynooth, Ireland

Established in honor of Maynooth University graduate John Hume and in recognition of his significant contribution to Ireland, the John and Pat Hume Doctoral Awards are presented at Maynooth University in all disciplines. This year, there is an award type offering a €18,500 stipend, €2,000 for research costs and fees for four years.

The call for the John & Pat Hume Doctoral Awards opens at 14:00 on Wednesday 30 November 2022 and closes at 12:00 midnight on Monday 30 January 2023.

Applications must be made online through the personal PAC portal – the John & Pat Hume PAC Application Portal

The University of Maynooth has built an international reputation for excellence in research and research-based teaching in the arts, humanities, social sciences, science and engineering. In support of our mission to promote research and teaching, a number of postgraduate research awards are available to suitably qualified candidate PhD students in all disciplines. The University of Maynooth aims to reflect the diversity of the community we serve and welcomes applications from all individuals, particularly those who are significantly under-represented in postgraduate higher education.


John & Pat Hume Doctoral Awards

The John & Pat Hume doctoral awards will be offered to successful doctoral candidates who demonstrate excellence in academic coursework and research. The relevance of the proposed doctoral research to the research priorities of the department and the university will be considered. Applicants are also expected to have volunteering, outreach activities, or some similar non-academic engagement in line with the university’s strategic plan.
Each award offered is a four-year scholarship, with the value for each academic year listed below.

Hume Fellow Scholarship

  • Scholarship award: €18,500
  • Research costs: €2,000
  • Fees*: Full charges
  • Open to full-time students

*Successful applicants must pay student fees in accordance with Maynooth University regulations

John & Pat Hume: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Doctoral Awards

As part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), Maynooth University funds three Hume EDI Doctoral awards each year in significantly under-represented fields, including women in STEM and Maynooth Access Program (MAP) target groups. In our Strategic Plan for 2018-2022.

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Women in STEM (WISH) Hume Fellow Scholarship

As part of the Athena SWAN initiative, Maynooth University funds two Women in STEM Hume (WISH) Fellow scholarships each year. The WISH Fellow Scholarship aims to encourage women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering or mathematics through research.
Awards will be presented to the top two female doctoral students who demonstrate excellence in academic coursework and research. All applicants are subject to the eligibility requirements as set out in the John & Pat Hume Doctoral Awards Scheme Terms and Conditions.
The WISH Fellow Scholarship is available for STEM research projects, with particular preference given to departments where female students are underrepresented. These include: Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics.
All eligible applications for the WISH Fellow Scholarship will also be automatically considered for John &.

Pat Hume Doctoral Awards. Only one prize can be awarded per successful applicant. The value of the WISH Fellow Scholarship is €20,500 (€18,500 stipend and €2,000 expenses) and full fees for four years.

Maynooth University Access Program (MAP) Hume Scholarship

The Maynooth University Access Program (MAP) Hume scholarship aims to encourage people from under-represented communities and groups in higher education, who often face barriers to participation and success in higher education, to pursue careers in research.
The award will be presented to successful doctoral students who have demonstrated excellence in academic coursework and research. This award is available to applicants who are underrepresented in higher education, including;
• Applicants from socioeconomic groups with low levels of participation in higher education (entered through the Higher Education Access Route – HEAR and/or supported by the Higher Education Institution Admissions Office/Program);
• First time, mature students;
• Students with disabilities (entered through the Disability Access to Education Pathway – DARE and/or
supported by the Higher Education Institution’s Disability Office/Service);
• Other expanding participant access routes.
For MAP awards, preference may be given to applicants from target groups that are particularly underrepresented in higher education and/or face additional challenges in accessing educational opportunities (e.g. socio-economic disadvantage; applicants with physical/sensory disabilities). ; Irish Travellers; single parents; refugees/asylum seekers; or when the applicant is a member of more than one target group underrepresented in higher education). Preference may be given to applicants from target groups facing multiple challenges.
All applicants are subject to the eligibility requirements as set out in the John & Pat Hume Doctoral Awards Scheme Terms and Conditions. All eligible applications for this award will also be automatically considered for John & Pat Hume doctoral awards. The value of the MAP Fellow Scholarship is €20,500 (€18,500 stipend and €2,000 expenses) plus full fees for four years.

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The maximum duration of Hume Scholarships is four years. Continuation of funding is subject to satisfactory annual progress and continued compliance with the terms and conditions of the award. If the awardee’s progress is deemed unsatisfactory during the department’s annual review, the Vice President for Research or the President’s designee may terminate funding.


a. Teaching mode

Only full-time students are eligible for Hume Scholarships.
All Hume Doctoral Award winners will be enrolled at Maynooth University. Students in joint PhD programs are not eligible
Hume award for fees at other universities.
Applicants must select a lead department if they intend to undertake a joint supervision program at Maynooth University
and supervisor in the online application system and they will be ranked in the leading department and faculty. They won’t be
evaluated in the second supervisor’s department; their file will be distributed only for evaluation in the department and
major supervisor faculty.

b. Compatibility

Minimum standards for eligibility for any type of MU John & Pat Hume doctoral awards:
• All applicants must hold a first class or upper second class honors undergraduate degree or equivalent, in a cognate discipline approved by the application department or proposed supervisor.
• If undergraduate examination results are not known at the time of application, Maynooth University may offer a provisional scholarship provided the scholar’s undergraduate (equivalent) degree is first class or upper second class.
• If the fellow does not have a first class or upper second class honors degree (or equivalent), they must have a first class or upper second class master’s degree in an applied department or cognate discipline. proposed controller.
Degrees can be from Irish, EU or any recognized international university. Equivalence of degrees awarded and results obtained outside Ireland will be determined by the Vice-President for Research or the President’s nominee.
In certain cases, if the higher diploma functions as a master’s degree, the result of the higher diploma may be considered equivalent to the initial degree.
Applicants in the final year of their degree apply based on expected results. If results are not available at the time of award offers, conditional offers will be made to the highest ranked applicants (subject to confirmation of actual results). If the required qualification is not obtained, the university considers the applicant ineligible and cancels the conditional offer.
An English language proficiency test is mandatory for international students from countries where English is not the primary language. An international applicant may apply for the Hume Scholarship without an English language proficiency test, but if the applicant is considered successful, it may be offered conditional upon proof of English language proficiency ie. original certificate is provided through PAC within 30-60 days. The minimum English language requirement for the MU PhD program for international students is as follows: IELTS: 6.5 minimum overall score; TOEFL (Paper-based test): 585; TOEFL (Internet-based test) 95; and PTE (Pearson): 62.

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c. Nationality

Applicants of any nationality are welcome to apply.

d. Exceptions

• Those who have started a postgraduate research degree at Maynooth University before applying cannot receive an award for that degree.
• Those who have only a pass degree and do not meet the required qualification standard as mentioned in paragraph 3b. Eligibility is not eligible to apply.
• Maynooth University John and Pat Hume doctoral award recipients are not eligible to apply for funding for a second postgraduate degree under the Maynooth University John and Pat Hume doctoral award programme.
Address any eligibility inquiries to

More information / Official website HERE.

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