Is pet insurance worth it in 2021? (Plus Prices & Tips)

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In today’s post, I’m going to tell you why pet insurance is worth it, how to get out of procrastination, and where to get affordable pet insurance deals.

“In plain language” – Pet Insurance is health insurance for your pet.

Pet insurance works just like insurance for a human and has some of the same features such as:

Monthly Bonuses

These are the monthly premiums you pay for your pet’s policy.

The average monthly premium for pet insurance ranges from $30 to $50 per month, and as long as you pay your premiums, your pet’s insurance policy will remain in effect.


Deductibles are amounts that you are responsible for before the insurance company will help pay your pet’s health insurance bills.

Deductibles are typically payable annually and come in a variety of options of $50, $100, $200, $250, $500, or $1,000.

The lower the deductible, the higher the monthly premium and the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly premium, just like your health insurance.


Your pet’s co-payments work just like yours, there may be special co-payments for a vet visit or a well visit that must be paid before the insurance company covers any additional costs.

co-insurance or reimbursement

The pet health insurance industry uses the word reimbursement instead of co-insurance when discussing how the insurance company pays for your pet’s health care.

Refunds come in options like 90%, 80%, 70% and 60%.

The way it works is that the insurance company is responsible for the reimbursement option you choose and you are responsible for the difference.

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For example:

If you have an 80% refund, have already paid your annual deductible, and your pet has a foreign object in their intestines, the bill is $1,967.

You would only pay 20% of the bill, which would be $393.40, the rest would be covered by the insurance company.


Depending on the insurance company your pet is insured with, you may need to pay the entire bill up front and file a claim with the insurance company, who in turn will reimburse you for the reimbursement amount.

However, most insurance companies are set up to pay the vet direct and you are only responsible for your percentage of reimbursement or co-insurance.

If you’re still considering getting pet insurance, you probably want to know what it actually covers.

Below is a list of things that are covered:

As you can see, this is an extensive list of coverage and that’s just the basics. There is a useful blog here on whether pet insurance covers pet dental care.

Some policies actually cover preventive services as well.

Remember that there is no pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions.

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (VPI), below is a list of the most expensive procedures:

According to, the average money in a savings account by age is:

That means it only takes a few emergencies to wipe out most of our savings, and with the average cost of caring for pets ever increasing, there’s no point in having some spare cash or using all of our savings.

As with any type of insurance, it’s always easy to say that all you can do is save and pay for the money.

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A recent survey conducted by the Associated Press found that 41% of pet owners are very or somewhat concerned that they cannot afford the medical bills for a sick cat or dog.

In general, we’re not the best savers.

Pets get sick too

Like everyone else, pets can get sick, and just like ourselves, some things just can’t be left alone until they’re cured.

According to, veterinary spending on all pets increased to $28 billion in 2011, so I can’t imagine what that amount is today.

Pets also play very rough which can cause all sorts of unexpected accidents, not even counting how many car accidents happen each year involving a dog.

If you care about your pet’s health, what do you do when you can’t afford to help?

No one wants to put their pet to sleep because they can’t afford to give them the medical attention they need, but this is happening every day in the US

Insurance isn’t for you

As I say to all my clients: “You are not buying pet insurance for yourself, you are buying it for your pet.”

We seem to think this insurance is for us, and we’re dead wrong.

You don’t get coverage to make yourself happy, it’s about your pet’s well-being, and if you truly consider yourself a ‘pet parent’, isn’t it irresponsible not to have pet insurance?


To answer the question, is pet insurance worth it?

I say 100% yes without a doubt, just think of all the things we spend money on monthly.

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It won’t hurt us to spend a little for a lot of peace of mind.

The best way to get pet insurance is to buy it online by clicking here, or by checking out some of our reviews.

We ran a Healthy Paws Insurance Review and a Pets Best Insurance Review and think both are great options for getting your pet insurance.

With all the options available online today, there really is no excuse for procrastinating.

Be the best pet parent and cover your pet today.

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