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The last 2 years have been a challenge for companies. Everyone was literally doing their best to cope with unpredictable closures, changing consumer habits, confusing laws and new hygiene requirements. There’s no doubt it was tough.

That said, while some really struggled, others used the technology to its fullest advantage and adapted and came out the other side with a revolutionary offering.

We’ve looked around our kingdom for the most popular tech companies and compiled a list of some local brands that are riding the tech wave to make life easier and more interesting. Now you can use this list to keep up to date with what’s happening out there!

Here are our top local businesses taking the tech space by storm.

IKhokha: Digital tools to help entrepreneurs start, run and grow their business

Traditionally, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have had very few options when it comes to choosing their card payment solutions. Enter iKhokha, a local fintech company founded to help SMEs grow their businesses through various sophisticated handheld card devices and online payment services. Now businesses of all sizes can accept card payments with an iKhokha card machine and grow their business easily, with no contracts and no rental fees.

Yebo Fresh: Beautifully delivered groceries

Yebo Fresh provides online shopping services for Cape Town’s townships. Focused on making quality, fresh food and homewares accessible to townships and informal settlements, the tech-driven grocery store helps local spas, restaurants, schools, daycares and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) save time, hassle and money by delivering pro Items and in bulk at great prices! Anyone can do all of this easily by navigating their nifty online platform that will guide you through the checkout process.

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TymeBank: New kid on the banking block

TymeBank is an all-digital smart bank with pay-as-you-use services, giving South Africans access to a convenient, hassle-free and cheaper way of banking. It’s paperless, there’s a 5-minute online signup process, and you can go to any TymeBank kiosk in Pick n Pay and Boxer stores across the country to verify your account, collect your card, and withdraw cash. The savings portion includes no flat monthly fees, just transaction costs, which are reportedly 30% to 50% lower than other banks.

WildEarth TV: Bring wildlife into every home

Not all tech is finance and food. Some companies disturb our little worker bees with a touch of wildlife. Can’t go on safari? No problem. WildEarth TV connects people from around the world with nature by broadcasting live and interactive experiences from the wilderness. The company is now licensed to provide its shows to SABC 3, DStv, the BBC, Tencent and China’s CGTN, as well as to stream on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Twitch. Millions are transported to live wildlife content from around the world and it’s amazing.

EasyEquities: An uncomplicated platform to buy stocks

Who thinks investing is that easy? What? No one? Well, now it’s time. EasyEquities makes buying stocks easy, cheap and fun, allowing anyone to use their online platform to own stocks in the companies they love. The platform (on their website and app) gives you a step-by-step journey to follow and shares any costs and fees you pay up front. This will guide you through the signup process, how to add funds to your account, how to choose from the companies listed on EasyEquities, and how to choose how much to spend. Then you just click to buy and watch your money grow.

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The system even gives you useful resources to help you when you really have no idea where to start, including blog posts and video tutorials.

SweepSouth: Book housekeeping services online

This is a technology company that is in it for the customers as well as the employees. In principle, you can book home services conveniently and flexibly, while the employees find a decent job with reasonable pay. It only takes a few minutes to log onto SweepSouth’s amazing website or app and book a bespoke home service by specifying exactly what you need to do and the type of cleaning products you have available. Then verified employees can see where and when they want to work, and they keep 80% of their earnings (and all their tips). It works for both parties.

Like everyone else on this list, we use technology to help our customers get things done faster and more conveniently. We recently launched our royal app that lets you get car insurance in minutes, add extra coverage to your policy, do a car inspection on your phone (no more searching for the nearest rating center), change your car insurance deductible, claim one and even update your data.

Now you don’t have to get insurance the hard way!

Find the King Price app in your app store or if you’d like to chat give us a call on 0860 50 50 50. You can even visit our website to get a car insurance quote.

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