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Shake off last year and embrace the innovations South Africa has to offer in 2022. ‘Cause boy are we an innovative bunch? Seriously, you don’t have to look abroad to find new things that can completely change or improve your life in one way or another.

In fact, South African inventions have been helping to make the world a better place for a number of years. We tend to create practical products and services, like back in 1971 when Benoni’s Percy Tucker transformed the entertainment industry by inventing the world’s first computerized, centralized ticketing system. Oh yes, we are talking about Computicket.

Crazy, right? Oh, and in 2005 Professor Vivian Alberts developed solar power technology that uses a micro-thin metal film instead of the thicker, more expensive silicon-based solar cells. Seems a bit too complicated to be impressive, so let’s get straight to the point and tell you their invention has made solar power five times cheaper in South Africa.

Speaking of making it cheaper… It was in 2012 when Gideon Galloway founded King Price, which introduced a world-first model of declining premiums to the insurance industry. Basically, our fearless leader invented super cheap car insurance premiums that decrease monthly in line with your car’s depreciation rate. This means that your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is even cheaper every month.

Here are more examples of South African innovations that could turn your New Year into something cheaper, more stylish and just plain cool:

Mobile solar aid for the needy

South African company SolarTurtle has developed a mobile solar kiosk that can be deployed in off-grid areas to provide immediate assistance to people struggling to keep their phones and lights on. It is a container-based energy kiosk with automated solar panels that deploy and fold automatically for transport or in the event of a threat, such as a protest or a storm.

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They’ve even created BabyTurtles that can be taken to events, taxi ranks, schools, or any other high-traffic area where people need to charge their phones.

Elastic clip-on/clip-off laces

We dug around to find something for everyone to try. And we thought, well, everyone wears shoes and this little invention promises to get rid of knotty, dingy laces… Now you can proudly put some local flair on your feet with South African patented no-tie, clip-on and clip-off shoelaces to lend. For ttweggo, the brand in charge, it’s not just about the undeniable pop of stylish innovation, but also about saving you time and giving your feet absolute comfort.

Small dents and tire things

We just can’t help ourselves. We love inventing new ways for South Africans to save on their insurance and protect themselves from expensive repairs and replacements. So we did it again. We recently launched our small dent and tire damage protection, which combines our tire and rim insurance with our scratch and dent protection.

This gives you extra coverage at a lower price. When you take out our latest product, we cover the cost of minor repairs to the outside of your car and the cost of repairing or replacing your tires and rims.

You can check out our small dent and tire stuff right here and find out exactly how much we cover.

A glove that translates sign language

This 1 really blew us away. Lucky Netshidzati, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from rural Limpopo, has developed a smart glove sensor that converts South African sign language into voice and text. Born to deaf parents, Lucky was inspired to make a difference and invented a smart glove that works with a mobile app. Now, when a deaf person wears the glove and signs, the glove translates sign language into speech, creating real-time communication between the deaf and people who can hear, which is specific to South Africans.

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Your mind is blown, yeah? We knew it would be like this.

Drones do important jobs

We found out about 1 type of drone built in a garage in Hermanus. It’s a pneumatic ignition module that shoots seeds from a drone into the ground. This baby can plant up to 40,000 seeds in the ground in a day. Given that climate change is an issue and trees are a huge help to the environment’s survival, this just seemed like a brilliant invention.

Yes, we know drones already exist, but this 1 has been successfully modified to enhance our country’s natural environment. And who knows, maybe even the world.

If you know something cool you can get locally and you think it’s worth sharing with the rest of us, then what are you waiting for? Do it!

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