Harry Frank Guggenheim Emerging Scholar Awards 2023 for PhD students, USA

Application Deadline: February 1, 2023

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Emerging Scholar Awards (formerly the Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowships) recognize promising graduate student researchers in their final year of doctoral dissertation writing that examines a fundamental aspect of violence.

The Foundation welcomes any proposals from the natural and social sciences or allied disciplines that promise to advance understanding of the causes, manifestations and control of violence and aggression. The highest priority is given to research that addresses the pressing, contemporary issues of violence—what causes it, how it works, and what prevents or reduces it.

The Foundation is concerned with violence in relation to many topics, including but not limited to:

  • War
  • A crime
  • Terrorism
  • Family and intimate-partner relationships
  • Climate instability and competition for natural resources
  • Racial, ethnic and religious conflict
  • Political extremism and nationalism

The Fund supports research investigating the underlying mechanisms in the production of violence, but preference is given to proposals that make a convincing case for the relevance of potential findings to policies aimed at reducing these disorders. Similarly, historical research is considered to the extent that it is relevant to the current situation of violence. Examining the effects of violence is welcome when there is strong evidence that these outcomes in turn serve as causes of future violence.

Emerging Scholar Awards

The award is $25,000 per year and contributes to the support of a doctoral candidate to allow the Foundation to complete in time a dissertation that advances the research interests described above. They are Ph.D. available only to students for support during their final year. is studying.

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Rewards no support doctoral research. Applicants may be citizens of any country and attend colleges or universities in any country.


Applications for the awards must be received by February 1, with a decision in June. Final decisions are made by the Board of Directors at its June meeting. Applicants will be notified immediately by email of the Board’s decision. Awards normally start on 1 September, but other start dates (after 1 July) may be required if the nature of the project deems it appropriate.


Applicants for the award are Ph.D. they should be. candidates entering the thesis stage of the master’s degree. Usually, this means that fieldwork or other research has been completed and writing has begun or will begin at the beginning of the award period. An application should not be submitted unless the analysis and writing are far enough along that the applicant is confident that the dissertation will be completed within the award year. In some disciplines, particularly experimental fields, research and writing can reasonably be expected to be completed within the same year, and in these cases it is appropriate to apply.


Nominees for the Harry Frank Guggenheim Emerging Scholar Awards can apply online from November 1 to February 1 each year. Applicants must create an account to access the application and instructions. Instructions are also available via the second link below.

Apply online (Login required)

Application Instructions (PDF)

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