Gerda Henkel Stiftung General Research Grants: Postdoc Fellowships 2023-24, Germany


Type and amount of financing

Applications for research scholarships can be made directly Postdocs or scholars with post-doctoral lecturing qualifications. A research fellowship is usually applied for by a scientist who will work alone on a specific project. Institutional affiliation is not required. It is not possible to receive a salary or retirement pension and a research scholarship at the same time.

The financing period generally between one month and 24 months.

Ph.D. period of support for pensioners of the Fund working on or research projects can be extended up to 12 months if the holder becomes a parent and is entitled to maternity or paternity leave during the period covered by the scholarship. Individual arrangements should be discussed with the Fund’s administrative office.

Application documents

After that, general research grants can only be applied for electronically. The necessary application documents can be uploaded in the electronic application form.

The following documents must be included in the application for a research scholarship (in German or English):

  • description of the research proposal (maximum 8 pages)
    • additional bibliography if necessary (in addition to a maximum of 8 pages)
    • at least 11 font size and 1.5 line spacing
    • please choose a readable font, eg Arial 11 pt. or Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • a timetable and work plan including information about necessary travel to archives, libraries and museums or other destinations
  • Description of trips to archives, museums or other destinations closely related to the subject of the project and detailed calculation of expenses (travel and overnight stay)
    • There are no flat-rate daily allowances or fixed rates for hotel expenses
    • no college or tuition fees
  • accounting for material costs (e.g. for copies of archival material or film versions, photographs, etc., not a lump sum for books)
  • tabular biography with list of publications
  • copies of academic certificates (master’s, Doctor of Philosophy, professorship, etc.; please do not send bachelor’s certificates)
  • a letter of recommendation
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Please note that the Gerda Henkel Foundation will not contact any referees and applicants are responsible for requesting letters of recommendation.

Please do no send the documents additionally by email or postal mail.


Criteria for applicants

• Applications for the “Research Scholarship for Post-Doctoral Researchers” can only be made if applicants have received a Ph.D. degree within the last ten years. The relevant date is the date on the PhD certificate. (This restriction does not apply to research fellowships after the Post-Doctoral Lectureship Qualification.)

• The dissertation must have already been published at the time of application. In this regard, the presentation of the publishing contract is not enough.

• The topic of the proposed research project must be clearly distinct from the topic of the PhD thesis.

Criteria for applicants previously funded by the Fund

• Applications can only be made if applicants have received a previous Gerda Henkel Foundation research fellowship more than five years ago. The relevant date for calculating the time frame is the date on the final report.

Criteria for applicants previously rejected by the Fund

• A renewed application cannot be submitted for a project rejected by the Gerda Henkel Foundation.

• Applications for a new project can be made if the last rejected application was made more than three years ago. The relevant date for calculating the period is the date on the letter of rejection.


Research Fellowships for Postdocs

Monthly stipend: €2,300

• for one child: 400 EUR
• for each subsequent child: 100 EUR

Family allowance is given to children under 18 years of age.

Monthly allowance for scholarship abroad: 575 euros

Travel assistance: as required
Financial assistance: as requested

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Research Fellowships after Post-Doctoral Lectureship Qualification

Monthly stipend: €3,100

A higher grant rate is approved upon successful completion of the professorial examinations (habilitation) process and/or alternatively for a junior professorship as soon as possible after a positive interim evaluation. For applicants from academic systems, the Foundation recognizes tenure as Associate Professor or Full Professor or Distinguished Professor (in the US system) or Senior Lecturer or Reader/Professor. Commonwealth system) as the equivalent of taking junior professorship examinations. The Foundation’s management may assess other national qualification levels on a case-by-case basis.

• for one child: 400 EUR
• for each subsequent child: 100 EUR

Family allowance is given to children under 18 years of age.

Monthly allowance for scholarship abroad: 775 euros

Travel assistance: as required
Financial assistance: as requested


Foundation committees meet twice a year to review applications and decide on grant funding. 2023 is the application deadline for the fall meeting of the Foundation’s committees May 17, 2023. Applications must be in the Foundation office by today. The fund’s committees will hold their meetings in November 2023. If your application is successful, funding can start from the beginning of the year. December 2023 the earliest.

The deadline does not apply to smaller funding amounts (max. €25,000). Smaller amounts of funding are awarded by the Fund through a simplified procedure with a discussion period of approximately three to four months. Please follow the same application procedure for smaller funding amounts as for regular research fellowships.

Forms and letters of recommendation

Electronic application form for the fund

1. Please fill out the application form completely.

2. The application form can be saved at any time. You can go back and edit the form for ten days using your own personal link. But after this period (10 days) your data will be deleted from the server.

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3. After completing the form, you will receive a brief summary, which must be approved to be sent electronically to the Fund.

4. During the submission process, your information will be sent electronically to the Fund. Confirmation of receipt will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the application.

Follow these guidelines when downloading your application files:

  • All documents must be uploaded as pdf files.
  • Please do not download protected PDF files.
  • A single file cannot exceed 6 MB in size each.
  • You cannot upload more than one document per upload area.
  • The application can be sent only when all necessary documents are included.

Please note the following additional information:

  • Your data will be stored by the Gerda Henkel Foundation for the purpose of processing your application and will not be passed on to third parties.
  • The Gerda Henkel Foundation will be happy to inform you at any time about the information we hold about your identity. If necessary, personal data can be changed or deleted.
  • This form can only be used to apply to the Gerda Henkel Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to delete application data without prior notice if necessary.

Online referral form:

Letters of recommendation must be uploaded via the online recommendation form with a personal signature by the authors. Please do no send the documents additionally by email and/or postal mail.

Publishing Assistance

Publishing assistance is currently granted only to particularly successful projects supported by the Foundation. Please attach the following documents:

  • A two-page summary of the academic merit and innovativeness of the monograph/collection
  • Publishing cost calculation
  • Manuscript (digital) in which calculations are made.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

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