Fully Funded PhD in Data Value 2023-24, University of Galway, Ireland

Application Deadline: February 16, 2023


  • contribute The ADAPT research agenda, which advances and integrates research in AI-based technologies: Natural Language Processing, Video/Text/Image/Speech processing, digital communication and HCI, semantic modeling, personalization, privacy and data management.
  • work With our interdisciplinary team of leading experts from complementary fields such as Social Sciences, Communications, Commerce/Fintech, Ethics, Law, Health, Environment and Sustainability.
  • Take advantage of our success. ADAPT researchers have signed 43 collaborative research projects, 52 license agreements, and oversee 16 active commercialization funds and 52 commercial awards. ADAPT has won 40 competitive EU research projects and received €18.5 million in non-profit funding. In addition, six spinout companies were established. ADAPT researchers have produced more than 1,500 journal and conference publications and trained nearly 100 PhD students.

As an ADAPT-funded PhD researcher, you will haveAccess to a network of 85 global experts and over 250 staff, as well as a broad multidisciplinary ecosystem across 8 leading Irish universities. We can influence and inform your work, share our networks and collaborate with you to increase your impact and accelerate your career opportunities. In particular, we offer:

  1. Opportunity to build your profile at international conferences and global events.
  2. A solid career path through formal training and development, expert one-on-one supervision and exposure to top professionals.
  3. A fully-funded, 4-year PhD postgraduate course including equipment, annual travel funding plus a stipend (€18,500 per year – tax-free)
  4. Financing of annual payments

Data is viewed as a valuable asset by many companies, and leading researchers and practitioners widely recognize the imperative to achieve and maintain a high standard of data quality and value.

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Several models and techniques have been proposed over the years to estimate the value of data from different dimensions. However, none of these models consider measures of data toxicity, bias, or other ethical concerns.

As a large number of businesses/services routinely use AI/ML techniques to automate decision-making processes, and the lack of evaluation methods that identify data toxicity and its propensity to introduce biased and unethical AI/ML techniques, companies often take advantage of these opportunities. . a posteriori AI Validity and Ethics evaluation frameworks.

The aim of this project is to develop a framework for assessing the value of data that takes into account bias, ethics and toxicity considerations before deciding to use it to create automated decision-making techniques. This research will be aligned with EU regulations and help promote reliable AI.

The successful candidate will work in a large team of Academics, Postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and Software Developers and will be part of the ADAPT Center for Transparent Digital Governance research group under the supervision of Dr Malika Bendechache at the University of Galway.

As part of this studentship, the successful candidate will have the following opportunities:

  • Develop and apply new analytical methods, algorithms, and frameworks to assess the value of data that take into account bias, toxicity, and ethical issues.
  • Designing appropriate research methodology, evaluation and validation criteria for proposed ideas and models;
  • Collaborate with team members to increase their exposure by publishing in high-quality journals and conferences;
  • To present and represent the ground-breaking research carried out by them and the research team at the national and international level;
  • Contribute to short-term, focused industry projects with ADAPT.
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candidate after completing the PhD program

  • Will demonstrate understanding of Data Governance issues, specific data value, and ethical and trust aspects of AI-powered systems. Thus, to acquire the skills and methods of empirical research in these emerging fields;
  • Demonstrated ability to identify, design, and implement appropriate research methodologies with academic integrity and make a significant contribution that expands knowledge in the field;
  • Be able to communicate concepts and research findings to peers and the wider research community and people outside the field.

Informal inquiries can be sent to Dr Malika Bendechache(malika.bendechache@adaptcentre.ie).

Minimum qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

  • MSc or computer science or equivalent in a tailored field

Preferred Skills:

  • Strong analytical skills and problem solving skills;
  • Practical knowledge of modern data management systems, data value, data quality, data management; AI Ethics, machine learning and data science tools and techniques.
  • Experience conducting research on any topic;
  • Academic publishing experience;
  • Experience working on collaborative research with industry or other stakeholders;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Cover letter
    • A personal letter of motivation explaining why you want to undertake this research project offered by ADAPT and why you expect to be able to successfully complete the research; (maximum 500 words)
  • Detailed CV
    • A detailed curriculum vitae, including – if applicable – evidence of strong analytical skills; details of your final year undergraduate or MSc project; project code repositories; practical knowledge of knowledge graphs, natural language processing, data science; academic publication record; experience working on collaborative research with industry or other stakeholders; excellent written and verbal communication skills; two academic references.

ADAPT is committed to achieving better diversity and gender representation at all levels of the organization, leadership, academic, operations, research staff and studentship. ADAPT is committed to the continuous development of employment policies, procedures and practices that promote gender equality. On this basis, we encourage and welcome talented people from all backgrounds to join ADAPT.


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