Fully Funded PhD 2023-24, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Application deadline: 30 January 2023

Founded in 1479 as one of the four original faculties of the University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Law has a long-standing reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The faculty offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in law. Through research-based education, the Faculty ensures that law graduates acquire the necessary skills to succeed in legal careers in the private or public sector, both at home and abroad. With 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students, over 60 PhD candidates and an academic staff of over 80 members, the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law is a vibrant, diverse and intellectually stimulating academic environment.

PhD program

The aim of the PhD Program is threefold: to prepare candidates for a sustainable career in teaching and research; train a new generation of scientists to produce high-quality independent research; and equip them with the analytical and problem-solving skills required for successful careers in both the public and private sectors.

The Faculty of Law offers supervision by highly qualified academics and provides an excellent opportunity to explore contemporary legal issues in an intellectually stimulating environment.

Currently, the Faculty of Law is particularly interested in proposals for PhD projects in the following research areas:

  • Private law
  • Tax law
  • Social welfare law
  • Criminal Law, particularly the criminal responsibility of children and young people, as well as environmental matters
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Constitutional law, including EU constitutional law
  • international law
  • International and regional human rights
  • Settlement of international disputes

Successful PhD candidates are required to:

  • To actively participate in the research environment at the University of Copenhagen; participate in international conferences, courses and meetings related to the research project;
  • comply with the official requirements of the PhD program;
  • Contribute to the teaching of undergraduate and graduate level courses in Danish or English offered by the Faculty of Law
  • Undertake independent and high-quality research under the supervision of senior academic staff in the Faculty.
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  • Applicants must hold a degree corresponding to a Danish Master of Laws degree with a second cycle of 120 ECTS degrees (two years full-time study) based on a 180 ECTS bachelor’s degree (three years of full-time study). or equivalent qualifications. Applicants with a non-Danish master’s degree will have their degree evaluated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to determine whether the master’s degree is equivalent to a Danish master’s degree.
  • Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 8.2 or higher at Master’s level according to the Danish grading scale (see here for the Danish grading scale), as well as a Master’s thesis graded 10 or higher (or equivalent for applicants). level of foreign education).
  • Applicants may submit their application before completing their master’s degree. Master’s degree must be earned prior to start date.
  • Applicants must document their research ability through meritorious evaluation of their final dissertation, publications, or academic recommendations to demonstrate that they are capable of the demanding task of writing a PhD dissertation.
  • Candidates must have excellent language skills in English and excellent communication skills. Applicants must be able to teach at academic level in Danish or English and follow PhD courses in English. Evidence of English language proficiency can be documented, for example, with an excellent IELTS or TOEFL exam. More information is available here: https://jura.ku.dk/phd/english/applicants/language-requirements/

Application procedure

Click the “Apply Now” button below to go to the online application form.

Before starting your online application, we advise you to prepare the following documents:

  • Research project proposal: This should include: (1) research objective(s), (2) main research questions, (3) review of relevant literature, (4) methodology to be applied in the research, and (5) ) entire course over three years schedule that plans to fulfill its requirements. The project description should explain in detail the value of the proposed research project in terms of its relevance to existing and future research in the field. It is recommended that the project proposal does not exceed 6 pages in A4 format (excluding the bibliography). The document should be in Times New Roman font, font size 12, spacing 1.5, all margins (right, left, top and bottom) 2 cm
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages).
  • Diplomas and transcripts. Certified copies of diploma(s) and transcripts (both undergraduate and graduate) in the original language and an authorized English translation if issued in a language other than English or Danish.
  • Rating scale. An approved explanation of the rating scale in the original language and, if available in a language other than English or Danish, an authorized English translation.
  • Controller. The name of the academic staff member you wish to designate as supervisor. You don’t need to contact the supervisor, just submit a request in your application.
  • Letter of motivation. An explanation of the selection of the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen as the host institution for the proposed project and a description of how the project fits into the research priorities at the Faculty (maximum 1 page).
  • Documents at the level of English. Evidence of English language proficiency can be documented, for example, with an excellent IELTS or TOEFL exam.
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Submit your application electronically in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English.

The University of Copenhagen wants to reflect the surrounding society and therefore encourages all interested parties, regardless of personal background, to apply for the position.

Recruitment process

After the application deadline, the Associate Dean for Research will pre-select PhD applications to proceed to the evaluation stage on the recommendation of the Appointments Committee. Applicants are pre-selected for further assessment according to the Faculty’s recruitment needs as described in this job advertisement. This is based on an overall assessment of the applicant’s educational qualifications, the quality of the submitted research proposal and its relevance to the Faculty’s research agenda, and other relevant qualifications (e.g. relevant professional experience, any previous academic publications, etc.).

All applicants are then informed by the HR Center whether their application has passed the evaluation stage. This assessment is carried out by an expert assessment committee. Selected applicants will be informed about the composition of the evaluation commission. After the committee has completed the evaluation, each applicant has the opportunity to comment on the evaluation.
A number of qualified candidates will be invited for an interview.

Working conditions

Successful candidates will be employed in accordance with the PhD student salary agreement between the Confederation of Danish Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance. If you are offered a PhD position, you will receive a regular monthly salary in accordance with Danish law and will be entitled to an annual research budget. The salary range starts at DKK 28,448.54 per month before taxes. The faculty is not provided with a dormitory.
A PhD student has a work commitment of up to 840 hours over 3 years without additional pay. Job responsibilities may include, for example, teaching.

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If you are offered a position, a criminal background check must be provided.

General information about the PhD program and requirements can be found here: https://jura.ku.dk/phd/english/applicants/

Further information on the application procedure is available from Mette Overgaard, HR, by email: hrsc@hrsc.ku.dk, please call ID number 211-1284/22-2H #1.

Deadline for applications

The deadline for applications is 30 January 2023, 23:59 CET.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. If all the required documents are not submitted, your application will be rejected.

Interviews are expected to take place in late April or early May.

Source / Details: Official website HERE.

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