Fully Funded Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD Scholarships 2023-24, Germany

Application Deadline: February 1, 2023

The Boehringer Ingelheim Foundations (BIF) awards PhD fellowships of 2 to 3.5 years to outstanding young scientists worldwide who wish to pursue an ambitious PhD project in basic biomedical research at an internationally leading laboratory.

The peer-review selection process evaluates the applicant’s achievements as well as the scientific quality of the project and the host laboratory. The process is highly competitive, with less than 10% of applicants receiving a scholarship.

In addition to the monthly stipend, we offer our fellows workshops, travel allowances, individual and personal support and a worldwide network of fellows and alumni.

We offer PhD scholarships

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) PhD scholarship offers a competitive monthly stipend. It is initially issued for a period of 2 years and can be extended once up to 1.5 years.

In addition, you receive travel money for scientific conferences and participate in seminars specially designed for BIF fellows and graduates.

As a BIF member, you also become part of a vibrant and worldwide network built on trust, helpfulness and many personal encounters. No matter what challenges lie ahead, you’ll find an open ear and personalized advice from like-minded peers or BIF staff.

Monthly payment

Your monthly stipend may come with a premium depending on the country. The final amount usually includes a fixed monthly amount to cover small project-related expenses. They are added together, for example €2,100 in Germany, €2,000 in Spain, €2,450 in Austria, €2,600 in the Netherlands, €2,570 in the UK, and €3,500 in the US and Switzerland. Scholarships are usually tax-free.

We recommend that applicants wishing to work in countries where scholarships are subject to strict legal or tax regulations, such as Austria, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland, refer to our PhD scholarship terms and conditions.

Depending on your personal situation, you may receive an additional monthly allowance, for example a childcare allowance of up to €500 and/or a spousal allowance of €200. For more information, please refer to our PhD scholarship terms and conditions.

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Travel allowances

In addition to the monthly stipend, you can receive funds to:

  • Present your data at international scientific conferences
  • Attend method courses useful for your PhD project
  • Conduct research in collaborative labs.

We are here for you

At BIF, we put people first. Whenever possible, we meet face to face with our colleagues. This allows you to provide personalized support. Whether you have questions about career options, are facing obstacles during your PhD studies or need advice on other topics, we will listen and offer our expertise. We operate as flexibly and unbureaucratically as possible, so that you can focus on your doctor of sciences.

Our seminars

During and after the fellowship, you will benefit from specially designed BIF workshops for scholarly exchange, communication training and networking. We attend all workshops and encourage an open, friendly and constructive atmosphere. In our seminars, fellows and alumni began scientific collaborations, discussed career options, and built lifelong friendships.

Who can apply for PhD scholarship?

The Boehringer Ingelheim Foundations (BIF) awards PhD scholarships to European citizens working in Europe or abroad and to non-European citizens carrying out PhD projects in Europe *.

PhD projects should be experimental in the field of basic biomedical research and should be aimed at elucidating the basic biological phenomena of human life and obtaining new scientific knowledge.

See below and FAQs for additional requirements.

Deadlines: February 1, June 1, and October 1 each year

On the last date

  • Yours first a university entrance qualification (secondary or secondary school leaving certificate, A levels or entrance/entrance exam for first university study after leaving school) must not have been completed any more. 8 years, ie 96 months before.
  • Natural scientists must be awarded a final university degree before starting a PhD (BSc, diploma, MSc or equivalent). If you have not yet completed your MSc and/or received your MSc degree certificate by the deadline, you can submit it up to four months after the deadline.
  • Doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists had to pass state exams.
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Candidates from the same lab

If two candidates from the same laboratory apply for a PhD scholarship at the same time, only one of them can receive a scholarship. Therefore, we recommend that they apply on different deadlines.

Application time

You should apply when you want to start your PhD project or when you are just starting, preliminary results are not expected. If you have started your project more than six months before the deadline, you are no longer eligible to apply.

Definition of PhD project initiation

  • If you continue to work in your MSc/BSc dissertation research group: the date you obtained your highest degree (eg BSc, MSc, diploma, DEA, licenciatura, laurea) before starting your PhD.
  • If you change research group: the month you arrive at the lab where you continue your PhD project, regardless of the project you started working on.
  • If your PhD program requires initial lab rotations and the last lab rotation is in your PhD lab: end of your lab rotation period.

In other cases, for example when participating in MSc/PhD programs or graduate schools without a formal final exam before the PhD project, please contact us.

What we do and don’t fund

We do not finance

  • Applied research such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical development (e.g. development of assays for diagnostic purposes or drug screening, optimization or screening of substances for therapeutic use, development of drug delivery systems or vaccines)
  • Disease progression or treatment of symptoms or clinical studies
  • Botanical and prokaryotic studies, if not of general biological importance
  • Education. As we can only support research, scholarships can only be used for the duration of the PhD project, not during the course and rotation phase of PhD programs.
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For more examples, please see what we fund and what we don’t fund.

We finance

We support basic biomedical research, including purely experimental projects in silicon projects.

For example:

  • Analysis of RNA polymerase I structure and transcriptional regulation
  • The role of spontaneous activity in the development of neural circuits
  • Gut symbionts generate distinct populations of regulatory T cells
  • Heterochromatin protein 1 mediates survival and transmission of malaria parasites
  • Epigenetic reprogramming in the maternal germline.

For more examples, please see what we fund and don’t fund in Futura, BIF’s international journal, or view summaries of completed PhD projects.

Funding from others

If the application is submitted to any other research sponsoring institution, the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundations must be informed. If an applicant receives an award from another institution pending a decision by BIF, the application to the Boehringer Ingelheim Funds is considered withdrawn and must be reported to BIF immediately.

Exceptions are made only for scholarships that cover tuition fees.

Please see our PhD scholarship terms and conditions.

Employment contracts

The PhD scholarship is designed to cover your living expenses so that you can fully focus on your PhD. Therefore, you cannot receive regular personal income from your employer while being funded by a BIF scholarship. However, a work contract of up to five hours per week with marginal income can be accepted.

Candidates who wish to work in countries where scholarships are based on strict legal or tax regulations, such as Austria, Denmark, Norway or Switzerland, please refer to our PhD scholarship terms and conditions.

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