Foreign Languages ​​and Area Studies (FLAS) Summer Fellowship 2023, George Washington University, USA

Deadline: February 1, 2023

The US Department of Education’s Foreign Languages ​​and Area Studies (FLAS) Scholarship Program provides summer scholarships to higher education institutions. The grant to GWU, underwritten by the Institute for Middle Eastern Studies and the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, supports graduate (MA, PhD), professional students (JD, MPH, DrPH, MBA and MD) and undergraduate students at George Washington University. additional language studies and field/international studies. Summer FLAS scholarships are intended to help students earn the equivalent of one year of college-level language study.

Note: FLAS fellows may travel to any country listed by the Department of State as Tier 1 or 2. Tier 3 countries will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Israel, approval will depend on where the student wishes to study. Applicants should check the State Department website periodically and have an alternate country in case of a change of destination or country of non-approval. FLAS recipients are not permitted to travel to any country listed as Tier 4 by the State Department.

The Summer FLAS Program supports undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in:

  • official local programs of intensive language study at an intermediate or advanced level in one of the target languages
  • formal foreign programs of intensive language study at an intermediate or advanced level in one of the target languages.
  • Summer FLAS also supports graduates studying the following majors:
  • official local programs of intensive language study at beginner level in one of the target languages.
  • If you are an entry-level graduate student and would like guidance on suitable programs, please contact the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies (Middle Eastern Languages) or the Sigur Center (Asian Languages).

The Summer FLAS Program does not support:

  • Independent study
  • Dissertation research (Applicants seeking research support related to Asian languages ​​should apply for a Sigur Center Research Grant)
  • Internship programs
  • Undergraduates studying the target language at an introductory level
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Number of awards depends on funding.

Target Languages

  • Arab
  • Mandarin
  • hebrew
  • japanese
  • Korean
  • Farsi
  • Turkish

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current undergraduate or graduate student at GWU. Undergraduates or graduates graduating in August 2023 or December 2023 are eligible for the 2023 summer award. (Students graduating in May 2023 or earlier are not eligible.)
  • A citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • The applicant must be in good standing in any subject or program focused on international studies. Formal language study should also be an important component of the applicant’s academic program.
  • Summer programs offered must be at least 6 weeks in length and consist of 140 contact hours for introductory or intermediate education and 120 contact hours for advanced education (meaning formal classroom instruction) in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Although applications from language learners at any level will be considered, preference will be given to applicants with an intermediate or higher level. Because the grant is supported by funds from the US government, special consideration is given to applicants interested in a career in public service.

Program Requirements

  • FLAS recipients are required to report online to the US Department of Education before and after the award, and will be surveyed every two years after receiving the award for up to eight years.
  • Awardees will undergo a language proficiency assessment before and after the award.

Study Abroad/Dissertation Research/Dissertation Writing

Master’s candidates may study abroad with a FLAS Academic Year award, but must comply with the award requirements: one course in the target language and one field studies course (Asian Studies field course or Middle Eastern Studies field course). For PhD candidates, the use of a foreign language in dissertation research should be sufficient for language improvement in a formal classroom instruction setting. This also applies to dissertation writing at GWU. If you have questions, please email the Sigur Center (Asian Languages) or the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies (Middle Eastern Languages).

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(Foreign airline tickets must comply with the Flying America Act.)


The award will cover up to $5,000 in tuition and a total of $2,500 for room, board and textbooks. The remaining costs must be paid by the student.

In addition, for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish languages ​​only, an overseas airfare is available for up to $2,000.

Awards may be applied only to intensive language study (120-140 contact hours through classroom instruction, typically in at least a 6-week consecutive session) at an accredited college or university in the United States or abroad.

Summer language study abroad must be at an intermediate or advanced level.

Awardees will be selected by a GW committee on a competitive basis from among eligible applicants based on academic performance, relevance of language studies to academic programs, career and professional goals, and ability to learn a foreign language. Due to the large number of applications received, the committee is unable to provide individual feedback to applicants.

There is no limit to the number of FLAS award recipients can receive during their academic career, but more than one scholarship may not be awarded for the same competition period. Applicants can apply for both Academic Year and Summer FLAS awards.

Applicants planning to study at another institution must meet that institution’s deadlines regardless of FLAS award decisions.

Required documents

  • Application
  • Statement of Purpose
    • (1-2 pages, 12-point font and 1.5 spacing) should describe how the summer language study will complement your academic program and contribute to your career goals and interests. Please include a statement describing the international studies focus of your degree program. The language should be an integral part of your academic program. You should also list the program’s contact hours in your essay.
  • Summer Program Information
    • Description of the study program offered for the summer. Please include copies of relevant materials from your proposed language school or study abroad program that provide course descriptions and general classroom contact hours. Materials can be entered from the institution’s website.
  • Budget
    • The FLAS Summer award will cover up to $5,000 in tuition (excluding fees) and a total of $2,500 for room, board, and textbooks. Airfare abroad is up to $2,000 (for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish languages ​​only). The remaining costs must be paid by the student.
  • Transcripts
    • Please do not submit GWeb transcripts. You can request a free unofficial transcript from the Registrar in the Student Services Center.
  • Summary
  • Academic Recommendation
    • Your recommendation should be from a language professor.
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Recommendations will be provided through our online system. Applicants in the online portal must enter their recommenders’ emails and names when prompted in the recommendation section of the online application. Recommenders will then receive an email prompt to complete their referral. After submission of recommendations, applicants will be sent a confirmation email from the system. Letters of recommendation can be emailed to the Sigur Center (for Asian Languages) or the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies (for Middle Eastern Languages), but it is recommended that the recommendations be uploaded with the application.

The decisions of the committee are final. Due to the high number of applications received for this scholarship, feedback on decisions cannot be provided to applicants. We will not make exceptions for late submissions. This includes late letters of recommendation.

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