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Anyone who’s had a special occasion during lockdown will know it’s not entirely awful… It’s just, how shall we put it? Different. It’s different to have a special event, like a birthday or Mother’s Day, where all the guests attend via Zoom and there’s a whole cake just for you.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d help you on the gift-giving side by writing down a few unique lockdown-ready ideas that will make you a ‘mommy favourite’ around the house. We even rated them based on effort.

Here are some Mother’s Day lockdown gift ideas:

A breakfast while sitting: effort level 7/10

Pull out all the stops and spoil Mama Bear with her favorite breakfast, such as fluffy pancakes with fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt and honey. Or a bunch of bacon. They could even decorate the table or tray with flowers and turn on their favorite music to set the mood.

Oh, and don’t forget to clean up afterwards. Seriously, it’s Mother’s Day. She shouldn’t have to wash up.

DIY Face Mask: Effort 5/10

Find an empty jam jar or something similar and fill it with a plain yogurt and honey mixture. There are tons of DIY ideas out there in the world of Google, so find a site you trust and make a mix of ingredients you have access to. Make it even more special by putting a bow on the glass. Remember, it’s the little details that make the favorite’s title closer to your own.

Domestic Coupons: Effort Level 10/10

You know all that washing, washing up, sweeping, mopping and general tidying up that dearest mom seems to organize and do? Well, you can create a number of domestic coupons to help her. Punch out crayons and glitter and embellish some scraps of paper. (You shouldn’t try too hard here. That comes later.)

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Tip: You can either give her a few hourly weighted cleaning coupons to use on whatever tasks she wants to get done, or you can give her a collection of individual coupons such as B. 1 x ironing coupon, 1 x washing of all towels and bed linen, dishes for a weekly voucher, 1 x sweeping of all floors, 1 x cleaning of the bathroom, etc.

DIY Sugar Body Scrub: Level 4/10

This is another of those little treats that come straight from the heart, and because you’re using natural ingredients, it’s so good for your mom’s skin. The 2 basic ingredients are sugar and coconut oil, once you have those you can throw in ground coffee or peppermint oil or whatever you have on hand or google suggests. Mix it back together and throw it in a glass jar and tie with ribbon to make it pretty.

Slouchy winter pajamas: effort level 3/10

Winter gear can be bought at this stage of lockdown, so head to the nearest store and buy your mum some comfy, casual pajamas that she can wear around the house and still feel like a toasty queen.

Get your own car insurance: 1/10

Nothing makes a mother prouder than when you’ve done something responsible for yourself. Like when you tell her you’re exercising more, drinking less, paying your bills, or getting quality car insurance from the king.

These are things she loves to hear and will make you her favorite child instantly. She doesn’t have to worry so much about the 1. And because you get car insurance from the king, you both save. She saves by buying less ridiculously expensive creams for those pesky worry lines she develops when she frets about making you and your car safer. You’ll save with our decreasing premiums (check it out here).

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