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Oh god yes, and let us tell you all about it. It’s not scary, I promise.

You see, it’s a common myth that the color of your car doesn’t affect your car insurance premium. We’re not sure where it started, but the color of your car does play a role in the cost of your auto insurance. It’s not like insurance companies will charge you more for a “racy red” car because it has all the thrills of a dangerous driver. The kind that doesn’t care about traffic rules, chews toothpicks, wears black sunglasses and wouldn’t be approved by their mother at all.

But there is an impact. In fact, you could pay up to 10% more (depending on the color of your car) and it’s not the insanely wrong reason we made up above. In reality, we would never charge you extra for your unusually colored candy apple green car.

Let’s look at the truth.

How car color affects insurance costs

When calculating the price of your car insurance, we (and other insurance companies) consider a number of risk factors, and one of them is the color of your car. The color of your car determines how visible your car is on the road, which affects your chances of getting into an accident (or being written off). Basically, darker cars are harder to see on the road and are statistically more likely to have an accident. We’ve looked through our own claims history and seen first hand that ‘less visible’ cars have a higher chance of being involved in a road accident.

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Because of this, black, charcoal, charcoal, and navy blue cars are generally more expensive to insure. Hence they cost more for you to insure.

Oh, and before we go any further, it’s also good to know that if your glitter ball has been in an accident, metallic colors can attract higher premiums because they’re more expensive to repair.

Let’s talk lighter colors

You won’t be at all surprised to find out that white and lighter colored cars usually attract lower premiums. This is mainly because they have the best visibility on the road, which is good news for many South Africans because today the most popular car color on our roads is white. It appears that a whopping 45% of cars financed in South Africa are white, with silver making up nearly 25%.

Our final message is really to encourage you to think carefully before you go ahead and buy this sleek and dark babe. This could mean paying a little more for your insurance, and while our premiums are getting cheaper by the month, it’s good to know tips and tricks to help you avoid paying a higher initial premium.

If you want to find out how much less you could pay by joining our royal kingdom, then click here for a quote and email the king at [email protected]or call our royal sales team on 0860 50 50 50.

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