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It cannot be overlooked that the pandemic has turned many things upside down. One of the biggest impacts for us has been how the lockdowns have resulted in more small to medium sized online businesses popping up. Either because many of us decided to take the time to turn our side hustle into something more official, or because we jumped at the opportunity to finally be our own bosses!

What we’ve noticed on the financial services side is that there’s been a shift in the payments space as people want to deal less with cash and even card payments. It seems that more and more people are becoming interested in online and mobile banking, with increasing adoption of digital-only banking services and digital payment methods, such as typing or scanning QR codes with their phones.

And more and more companies are acknowledging this shift, so it’s not just the small startups, like your coffee roastery, that you’re growing out of your garage, or the organic ready meals you’re selling to the neighborhood. Restaurants, coffee shops, fast food chains and retailers are also beginning to encourage cashless payments.

It becomes a thing and it is innovation at its best. We love innovation and introducing new ways of bringing things to market. It’s kind of our thing, doing away with the traditional car insurance model altogether so that we can reduce your premiums each month according to the depreciation rate of your insured car. It made sense then and it makes sense all these years later.

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But let’s get back to our main point, which is that digitizing your business is certainly a wise decision as the world moves ever closer to a digital revolution.

However, we urge you to take the appropriate precautions.

Cybersure is your company’s digital safety net

Literally. Cybersure protects your business from a whole new world of crime happening online. You may not understand everything, but it’s very real, and we have some very good reasons why you should protect your business against the risks of cybercrime, whether you’re selling lumber, designing and selling art, or taking orders for a grocery store. (All good ideas and feel free to use them.)

Your business relies on devices to operate

We’re talking about any computer, laptop, tablet or even phone connected to the internet so you can work. Essentially, where there is a connection, there is also an opportunity to attack your business and steal or destroy what you have built. This is especially true when you use cloud services to store data, share files, and collaborate with other parties.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run

Cyber ​​criminals don’t care what you sell, how big you are, or if you’re a nice company trying to support your family. They just don’t. If they can wreak havoc and illegally monetize your business, they will try.

Here’s how they target you:

  • Ransomware: Where they use software to prevent you from accessing your computer system until you pay their demands.
  • Piracy: Invading your system and copying and distributing or selling your company’s data, such as your customers’ credit card details, stored on your system.
  • Transaction Scams: Scammers pose as legitimate suppliers and service providers, sell you anything that might be relevant to your business, and then fail to deliver the goods once you’ve paid.
  • Hacking: Illegal bypassing of your system’s security to steal confidential data, control your systems, or cause chaos.
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The cost of cybercrime is greater than you think

There are so many ways cybercrime can financially impact your business. There are the obvious, direct costs, like the loss of capital and assets, the costs associated with fixing gaps in your security, and even legal costs if you’re being sued by customers affected by the crime. But there are also indirect costs that could put you out of business, such as: B. damage to reputation, cost for a company to investigate the incident, cost of assisting customers affected by the crime and cost of business disruption while you deal with it all.

Cybersure is the answer

Without proper measures and cyber insurance, your business is at risk and you may not recover.

Cybersure is the king’s answer.

It’s our affordable, innovative take on cyber insurance and should definitely be a factor in how you future-proof your business. With our Royal Cybersure product you can insure your company against liability from cyber attacks and for your company’s computer systems, software and data.

How to get cyber insurance

If you are interested in learning more about Cybersure and getting a quote then please view here or email [email protected]

Let our Cybersure team help you explore this new world.

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