CIS – Open Positions: Awarded PhD Position/Fellowship 2023-24, University of Stuttgart, Germany

The Department of Computational Imaging Systems at the CACE Institute of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers:

PhD Positions/Fellowships – Building intelligent imaging systems based on artificial intelligence and deep learning – salary up to €57,000 per year (no tuition fees for PhD programs)

The Department of Computational Imaging Systems is engaged in building 3D imaging systems based on artificial intelligence (deep learning), which have proven to be very successful in the field of computer vision. The mechanical design of these systems relies on mechanical components such as precision stages with precision in the single-digit micrometer or even nanometer range. One installation is planned to use a modern human-cooperative robot to move the light source and detectors. These intelligent imaging systems are based on the use of novel neural network architectures for computed tomography. Building such novel imaging systems requires a suitable candidate to have an interest and ability to work on the mechanical and electrical design of such systems, as well as the programming of neural networks to improve overall image quality. This call is open to postgraduates or graduates with an equivalent qualification worldwide.

We offer

  • PhD and development of expertise in building imaging systems based on high-precision mechanical construction and artificial intelligence, interdisciplinary and high-quality task environments
  • Get motivated and enjoy your work with immediate visibility of your contributions in 3D imaging, evaluation of your results by our partner institutions and industry as users of your 3D imaging algorithms and data
  • Positive work environment and integration into an international team, contribution of your strengths and ideas, collaborative and self-organized work style
  • Participation in university-sponsored international conferences and development of a professional network
  • High potential for a future international career in science or industry in the above field, possibility of further specialization as a postdoc
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Your responsibilities

  • Design and physical realization of imaging systems including mechanical setup, compensation of mechanical inaccuracies with 3D image corrections based on novel neural network architectures
  • Building and researching new intelligent imaging systems and validating them with user data from academia and industry
  • Publication of research findings as well as discussion and initiative to pursue new research questions
  • Collaboration with users and applications of imaging systems in science and industry in the context of new questions

Your specialty profile

  • You have completed a master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, software engineering, physics or a similar course of study and are interested in working independently.
  • You can use Python, C++, etc. you can learn programming languages ​​like and implement your algorithms accordingly.
  • You should be interested in validating your contributions to intelligent imaging (algorithms, software, and imaging devices) in real imaging systems.
  • Your knowledge of English allows you to communicate in a scientific environment, and you enjoy working in an international team

The University of Stuttgart has a gender equality policy and therefore particularly encourages qualified women to apply. Preference will be given to disabled people if they have equal qualifications.

Source / Details: Official website HERE.

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