Call for Grant Applications, PhD Theses 2023-24, University of Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

Application Deadline: February 12, 2023

Call for grant applications for doctoral theses in doctoral programs on Society, Technology and Culture; Network and Information Technologies; Education and ICT (E-learning); Humanities and communication; Health and Psychology and Law, Politics and Economics – 2023/2024

By Resolution dated November 8, 2022, the Vice-President for Strategic Planning and Research invites applications for UOC grants to carry out doctoral theses in the doctoral programs in Society, Technology and Culture; Network and Information Technologies; Education and ICT (E-learning); Humanities and communication; Under the Regulation on Research Personnel in Health and Psychology and Law, Politics and Economics Training.

The Vice-President for Strategic Planning and Research, exercising his authority regarding the training of researchers, hereby invites applications for UOC grants for doctoral dissertations for research workers in doctoral training within the framework of Law 14/2011 of June 1, 2011. Science, Technology and Innovation and Law 14/2013 of 27 September 2013 on support for entrepreneurs and internationalisation.

This program is funded by the Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (FUOC).

Purpose of the call for applications

I. To promote the training of researchers in different research groups at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), the UOC grants grants for doctoral theses within the doctoral programs in Society, Technology and Culture; Network and Information Technologies; Education and ICT (E-learning); Humanities and communication; Health and Psychology and Law, Politics and Economics.
II. This call is made in accordance with the criteria set by the UOC Research Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee for doctoral dissertations appointed by the UOC Governing Board.

Program structure

I. The UOC grant program for doctoral theses is regulated by Law No. 14/2013 of September 27, 2013 “On Support for Entrepreneurs and Their Internationalization” and Law No. 14/2011 of June 1, 2011 “On Science, Technology and Innovation” .
II. According to Article 21 of Law No. 14/2011, UOC grant holders will sign a three-year predoctoral contract. Renewal of this contract requires an annual favorable report by the Scientific Committee of the program and the Selection and Evaluation Committee of UOC Research Grants evaluating whether the training and research objectives agreed by the grantee have been met within the specified period.
III. The pre-doctoral contract is terminated at the end of the three-year period if the annual evaluation of the pre-doctoral research staff is not conducted or for any other reason provided by law.

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Grant amount and form of payment

I. The award of the grant requires the signing of a one-year pre-doctoral employment contract for a total annual amount of €17,000, which will be taxed in accordance with applicable law. This amount will be paid at twelve [12] monthly payments by bank transfer to the account indicated by the intern researcher. The total annual amount is determined according to the Law No. 103/2019 of March 1, 2019, which approves the Regulations of Scientific Workers in Training.
II. Grant holders with a pre-doctoral contract will have all labor and other social security rights arising from the contract signed with the UOC.
III. The institution will pay the registration costs for the organized research period of the doctoral program, as well as the payment of the qualification certificate, only if the dissertation research grant is maintained until the end of the third year. The grant covers a total final payment of €1,500, payable on condition that the doctoral dissertation is defended by the end of the third year of the research grant and the student receives the highest academic grade in the dissertation defense. This payment will be paid to the beneficiary along with the final installment of the grant for that year.
IV. All beneficiaries should note that the month of August will not be taken into account when considering the milestone and the evaluation process may take up to two months.


I. Potential beneficiaries of the UOC grant for doctoral programs include those who fulfill (or can fulfill by July 3, 2023) the entry requirements for the research period organized for the doctoral program at the Universitat Oberta at the time of application. de Catalonia.

The specific requirements of each doctoral program can be consulted on the website of the UOC Doctoral School (in information about each doctoral program: Call for Applications > General requirements and Admission requirements).

Documents to be submitted

I. Applicants must complete a grant application linked to the Virtual Campus admission form, along with the documents required for admission to specific doctoral programs (academic records; for applicants from non-English speaking countries, accreditation). English language skills, etc.) are detailed on the website of each doctoral program (Application for Admission section). The application will be submitted at the same time as the application to the doctoral program. The application deadline is February 12, 2023.

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Selection and Evaluation Committee

I. The UOC Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee is responsible for the evaluation and selection of candidates who have submitted an application for this call based on the proposals and initial evaluation of the Doctoral Program Committee.
Each doctoral program has its own Evaluation Committee consisting of experts in the specific field of the program.
In addition, there is a General Evaluation Committee whose members are the directors of each doctoral program:
● Dr. David Masip Rodo
● Dr. Ferran Adelantado Freixer
● Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardevol
● Dr. Yolanda Garcia Gonzalez
● Dr. Rubén Nieto Luna
● Dr. Joan Pujolar Cos
II. The Committee will decide on the granting of grants in one session after their proposal has been approved by the Governing Board, in accordance with the selection criteria set out in paragraph 7 of this call.
III. The committee may, if deemed necessary, request the necessary information from the candidates in order to propose, expand and/or modify the initial project proposal submitted.
IV. The Committee reserves the right to declare scholarships vacant and has the power to decide any matter not expressly regulated in these rules.

Selection criteria

I. To evaluate applications, the Committee will consider the following criteria:

  • Candidates’ academic excellence (undergraduate degree and master’s degree academic transcript).
  • Alignment of candidates’ education, experience, and research interests to areas of knowledge or subject areas relevant to the doctoral program.
  • Criteria put forward by the relevant academic committees according to the strategic priorities of the programs.

Candidates’ previous scientific output will also be considered as an added merit.
II. The specific evaluation criteria of each doctoral program can be consulted

UOC Doctoral School website (Section Call for Applications/Evaluation Criteria) and within Appendix II.
III. In any case, the selection process also helps candidates who have just finished their master’s degree and who have completed their research track, who generally do not have an extensive scientific output, to enter the doctoral program.

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Provisional selection of candidates

I. The provisional selection of approved candidates for the grant will be published on the website
UOC’s e-Tauler website and UOC’s Doctoral School on 2 May 2023.


I. All applicants will then have an appeal period beginning on May 2, 2023 and ending on May 19, 2023.
Complaints must be sent as a formal letter to the UOC Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee through the Procedures within the Virtual Campus.
II. The UOC Grants Selection and Evaluation Committee undertakes to decide on the applications received and the final selection of candidates to be granted grants for doctoral programs will be published on the UOC e-Tauler website and the UOC Doctoral School by May 26, 2023.

Final selection of candidates

I. Beneficiaries must formally accept the grant within a maximum of ten periods [10] days after the final decision by signing a standardized document and submitting relevant documents.
II. Any beneficiary who does not submit the acceptance of the grant mentioned above within the period specified in the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to have renounced the grant.
III. Selected candidates must be able to submit the documents listed in Appendix I of this document by June 30, 2023.
IV. If selected candidates do not have a master’s degree on February 12, 2023, but can fulfill all requirements for admission to one of the doctoral programs by July 3, 2023, they must submit all documents with a legalized master’s degree. July 3, 2023.
V. In the event of resignation of any of the beneficiaries, the seat shall be assigned in descending order to the person with the highest score and standing by November 1, 2023.
VI. As of the above date and if the pre-doctoral positions with resignations are not filled with people on the waiting list, the UOC will announce an emergency call.

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