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In recent years, the segment of medium and large commercial lines has worked intensively to further develop the distribution ecosystem through new partnerships and expansion strategies. Additionally, carriers in this segment have adopted new technologies for distribution, not only to improve internal operations and processes, but also to further support the success of distributors, whether retail agencies, brokers, wholesalers or MGAs. However, not all solutions are meeting the expectations of carrier executives today, according to a new SMA study

The recently released report from SMA, Distribution Technologies for Medium/Large Commercial Lines: Carrier Plans in 2023 and Beyond, includes the current status of the digital opportunities that network operators are offering to channel partners, an assessment of the barriers to the delivery of new functions and network operators’ plans to deliver new solutions. Findings are based on a survey of airline executives focused on the mid/large commercial market.

Across the sales value chain, insurer executives are generally dissatisfied with digital sales opportunities, particularly earlier in the sales process. There is significant dissatisfaction with digital appetite solutions, which is not entirely surprising given the low level of automation in this space. The reality is that distributors often misunderstand a carrier’s appetite – a challenge that has existed for years. Market conditions can cause an airline’s appetite to bob and sometimes they can withdraw certain risks in writing. In other cases, they may have an increased appetite in a particular class. While improved communication can help alleviate pain points, technical solutions that support appetite matching between carriers and merchants will be essential to the continued success of carrier-merchant relationships.

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In contrast, insurers’ satisfaction with their digital offerings for the service is significantly higher than revenue, with claims inquiry skills being rated highest among executives. Insurers continue to invest in claims as it is one of the most important touchpoints for policyholders. However, a recent SMA survey of agents shows that carrier partners need to improve claims handling capabilities, with approximately half of agents and brokers in mid-size and large businesses want carriers to prioritize projects when downloading and filing claims.

These insights from the report underscore the need for carriers to evolve the way they interact with and serve channel partners. Insurers that focus on strategies that allow merchants to place insurance coverage efficiently and competitively with minimal friction and a superior customer experience will be the ones to contend with going forward.

For more information on distribution technology strategies and investments for medium/large commercial lines, read our latest research report, Distribution Technologies for Medium/Large Commercial Lines: Carrier Plans in 2023 and Beyond. This report is part of SMA’s research series based on surveys and interviews with insurers, agencies, brokers, MGAs and others in the distribution channel, including insights from ReSource Pro’s extensive distribution customer footprint. Contact the author for more information on these new sales research and consulting services.

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