8 Public Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada is a huge country with 37 million people. International students choose Canada for higher education because Canadian degrees are highly respected around the world and can help them build successful careers. Upon arrival, international students are impressed with the high-quality instruction they receive, including outstanding, approachable professors, the freedom to choose individual or interdisciplinary curricula, and on-the-job training through experience. They also note how ethnically diverse Canadian campuses are, as well as how multicultural Canada is as a whole. Meanwhile, foreign students can find it easier to obtain permanent residency in Canada if they hold a degree from a Canadian university. You can choose one of the best public universities in Canada for higher education and pursue your dream career as a professional. To help you with the task of choosing a university when you are planning to move abroad, this blog has a list of public universities in Canada that you can apply to!

Public Universities in Canada for International Students

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the most famous public universities in Canada. It was founded in 1827 as King’s College and has since become one of the largest universities in the world with over 1,00,000 students. The university offers a wide range of programs at its three campuses: St. George Campus (downtown Toronto), Scarborough Campus and Mississauga Campus. The University of Toronto is consistently ranked among the top 50 universities in the world by the QS World Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

McGill University

McGill University is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established in 1821 by a royal charter issued by King George IV of Great Britain. The university is named after James McGill, a Scottish merchant from Montreal, whose will established the university’s predecessor, McGill College, in 1813. It is one of Canada’s top public universities, and in the past was designed to provide a liberal and nonsectarian education to an elite male clientele; however, throughout its history it has served as an incubator for future leaders in many fields, including business and politics. The university is associated with 20 Nobel laureates (fourteen alumni and six faculty), eight Rhodes Scholars, seven astronauts (including Norman Bethune), 13 Rhodes Scholars, and several winners of prestigious awards such as Guggenheim Fellowships (or Field Art).

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UBC – University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The university was founded in 1915 and is ranked as one of the top public colleges in Canada for international students and also ranked globally by several sources. UBC is known for its research and teaching, with a wide range of programs including medicine, engineering and law.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta (UofA) is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was founded in 1908 by Alberta’s first premier, Alexander Cameron Rutherford, and its first president, Henry Marshall Tory. The university includes four main campuses in the Edmonton area and several branch campuses in rural areas throughout Alberta. It offers more than 200 undergraduate degrees and 170 graduate degrees. Research programs at these well-known Canadian public universities cover topics such as cancer research, renewable energy sources, nanotechnology, and forestry. In addition to academic programming, new media and formats emerge from this school, including student-participation games at UofA, where faculty and staff work on video game projects that have gained national recognition for both their educational value and entertainment value.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is located in Waterloo, Ontario. It has more than 35,000 students and offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in more than 200 academic programs. University of Waterloo in Maclean’s Magazine’s 2019 ranking of Best Schools for Future Leaders among Canadian Universities: Medical Doctorate Program (MD) ranked 12th globally, 1st among Canadian Universities with PhD program ranked 20th globally is in th place. Students can choose from two on-campus housing options (on-campus or off-campus). The student body is made up mostly of undergraduate students from across Canada who come together to study hard while enjoying the benefits of studying at such a prestigious institution!

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McMaster University

McMaster University is a public research university located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The faculties of Arts, Science, and Health Sciences have a total student enrollment of approximately 30,000 full and part-time students, more than 100 undergraduate majors/minors; Engineering; Humanities and Social Sciences; as well as a growing number of master’s degree programs in all six academic divisions.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was founded in 1818 and is currently one of the oldest universities in Canada. Dalhousie is a public university with over 18,000 students. The school has a reputation for having high standards when it comes to academics and attracting top talent from across the country. Students can choose between undergraduate programs or graduate programs at Dalhousie University, depending on where they want to study or where they want to pursue their studies after graduation.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a public research university located in British Columbia, Canada. It has campuses in Vancouver and Surrey, with an additional campus in Dubai due to open by 2020. SFU’s student body consists of 44,000 students from more than 140 countries and territories around the world. The university offers more than 250 degree programs, as well as certificates of affiliation for graduates who wish to earn a master’s or PhD degree at another institution while being able to use credits earned toward SFU’s degree requirements. It also offers postdoctoral fellowships for doctoral candidates who wish to conduct research at the university but do not wish to do so within an academic departmental structure or to focus on specific disciplines such as engineering or health sciences.

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